“Inner Transformation For

Outer Peace”

Workshop Support Package

Only $99

(over 75% off!)

Package includes:

1. 30 Minute Private 1-on-1 coaching/consulting phone session with Paula Langguth Ryan

Join Paula Langguth Ryan, “the coach to life coaches,” for a personal 30 minute phone session to help you create an inner transformation that leads to outer peace. Break through your obstacles and challenges and gain the clarity and focus you desire. Confidently move forward toward whatever you want to be, do or experience differently in your life.

2. Vibrational Language of Prosperity DVD/CD Set (mailed to you!)

Learn to “speak” the language of prosperity and positivity like a native. Transform yourself into a relationship-building, abundance-drawing, trust-filled, peaceful being. DVD is an hour long video. CD contains the entire workbook for you to follow along. Effortlessly learn “Prosperitese” as if you were born a trust-fund baby!

3. 21 Days to a More Abundant Life 7 MP3 Files, PDF Workbook

Empower yourself to create increased health, peace of mind, wisdom, love and joy in every area of your life and in all your relationships. Discover how to effortlessly tap  into the flow of giving and receiving free from shame, guilt and fear.

4. Supercharged Intentions that Effortlessly Manifest 10 MP3 Files

The WAY you set your intentions will either create ho-hum results that bring you “sort of” what you wanted OR SUPER results that bring you EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted — with NO negative consequences or sacrifices! Discover specific strategies for supercharging your intentions. Includes nearly 100 custom-designed super-charged intentions for manifesting what you want to be, do or experience in the next 30 days.

5. Feng Shui Bagua Treasure Mapping Vision Board Playkit PDF Workbook

Vision boards are powerful tools for creating the life you’ve always dreamed of having. Set your intentions in a form you can see and feel. This spirit-fueled and fun-filled tool includes a short guided meditation, a rapid fire automatic writing exercise and a powerful template for creating a treasure map that stays fresh longer and complements your supercharged intentions.

* All materials are delivered electronically to your e-mail address with the exception of the Vibrational Language DVD/CD set which will be mailed to you.