Why Not NOW?

The Secrets to Getting the Goals You Set

with Paula Langguth Ryan

Come find the good in personal challenges and economic changes. When change happens it is often an opportunity to release our attachment to things we’ve grown beyond, so we can focus attention on what we truly want to be doing in our lives. Yet claiming the good we want can sometimes be a tricky act.

Make a powerful 3 hour investment in your future and discover how to go beyond SETTING goals to TRULY begin manifesting the life you’ve been longing to live, starting today.

  • Revitalize (or manifest) more loving relationships in all areas of your life
  • Effortlessly draw to you the job of your dreams
  • Boost your energy and health
  • Feel more fulfillment, peace and joy
  • Enjoy financial stability and security
  • …and create anything else your heart desires!

Uncover your heart’s deepest desires –  what you’ve been longing to be, do or experience – during this 3 hour intensive workshop. Discover how to overcome obstacles that have prevented you from obtaining your goals, forever. Venture into a world of instant manifestation, where you never have to be careful of what you wish for. A world of confidence, where you’re always willing to take the next action you’re called to take. A world of expectancy, where you release your attachment to FORM and open to the joyful experience of FLOW.

When you leave this workshop, you’ll have created an inner transformation and set concrete, ACHIEVABLE intentions to draw to you EXACTLY what you truly desire (even if right now you don’t have a clue what you really want!)

A Contemporary Prosperity Advisor and conflict resolution consultant, Ryan helps individuals and spiritual organizations resolve inner conflicts and release fears that block personal and professional peace. Seen and heard on NBC, ABC, PBS, WOR-Radio and NPR, Ryan  has advised tens of thousands, from heiresses to newly-bankrupt consumers; from Olympic athletes to corporate  executives and spiritual leaders. She chairs the Association for Conflict Resolution’s Spirituality Section and edits Inner Transformation e-magazine (www.PaulaLangguthRyan.com) to help you dissolve your fears and bring the pieces of your life together with peace. Her Conflict Free Zone radio show airs M-F on BlogTalkRadio.com. Her best-selling books are Giving Thanks: The Art of  Tithing and Bounce Back From Bankruptcy.

Paula is available for healing of beliefs, prayer support and financial strategy coaching. Visit www.paulalangguthryan.com/coaching for details OR for a quick link to send in an intention or prayer request, visit www.catherineponderbooks.com/contact-us