Back in the 1970’s a study was done with Jell-O to see what affect color (our perception) had on our sense of reality (the taste). Researchers took lemon Jell-O and made three batches. They added blue food coloring to one batch and red food coloring to the other. They had two groups of people taste the Jell-O – one group was blindfolded and one could see the Jell-O. The blindfolded group tended universally to state that all three batches were lemon. The group that could see the colors said the blue Jell-O tasted like blue raspberry for example, and the red Jell-O ran the gamut from strawberry and cherry to watermelon.

Why the difference? When we see something, we have a pre-formed judgment about it based on past experience. So when we are seeing circumstances in our lives unfolding, we tend to label them based on that past perception and NOT based on reality. The reality is: EVERYTHING in your life is unfolding in Divine Order, for an amazing reason that is ONLY designed for your highest good and the highest good of those around you.

If you struggle with that concept, and want a new way of looking at things so you’re drawing the good into your life, it may be time to start investing in changing your perception. Make today the day you become willing to see how things are conspiring for your highest good. Express gratitude for what is and ask to have the true perception revealed to you, free from past beliefs and stories. For help, consider a coaching session with me OR take advantage of the mentorship program I’m offering 5 lucky folks as my company’s 20th anniversary present. You could transform your life completely this year. Cost is $500/month or $5000 up front and for 1 year you receive unlimited email support and access, 1 weekly one-on-one call with me and access to all my published resources, videos, audios and programs. To see if we’re a good fit, drop me an email at and tell me what 5 most pressing areas you’d like to transform in your life this year and where you’re feeling stuck.