Ever wonder why you feel discontented? Picture a circle. You are this circle. You are all the space in the middle of the circle, One with all that is. Each of us is. That’s just who we are. From our place of Oneness, we decide we want to experience something. Sometimes, what we want to experience is an extension of who we are (Love, Light, Joy, Laughter, Kindness, Generosity). And sometimes we want to experience something we’re not. Let’s say we decide we want to experience what “unworthiness” might feel like.

We choose to experience unworthiness. So we create a situation that allows us to experience feeling unworthy. The sensation is completely foreign to the Wholeness that we are. It makes us curious – how can this be? We struggle to comprehend the feeling, so we make the choice again. We choose to experience unworthiness, abandonment, guilt, lack, powerlessness and the killing off of parts of ourselves over and over again, trying to understand these experiences.

Eventually, we start to think we are the Experience rather than the Oneness. We begin to think we actually ARE separate from God. This belief creates inner conflict. Because we’re having an experience that we’re limited in some way, we then get cranky. While we are cranky about a choice we have made, we certainly don’t want to take it out on ourselves, or take responsibility for our choice. So we choose to take it out on someone else and we begin to see others as responsible for our limitations. At this point, we have completely bought into our limitation experience.

We become like the red circle, the arrows now a part of us, reflecting outward into the world. We buy a ticket to the experience of limitation and then we take on that role. We begin to believe we are that experience. And then something interesting happens. We’ve bought the ticket, we take the stage in this role, and the audience begins to recognize we are PERFECT for the role. Eventually, someone in our audience then points this out and says “Hey, I recognize you as this limited being, because you have adopted the role of limited!”

Of course, whenever someone points out our limitations, it triggers the part of us that KNOWS we are connected with Spirit. The part of us that knows we’re not limited. And then we get rip-roaring mad at the other person for seeing us as less than the amazing Child of God we actually are. It’s time to remember who you are and that your experiences are simply choices – they have nothing to do with WHO you are.

Who you are is Whole, Loving and Good. That can never be changed. The choices you make to experience something else don’t ever change the essence of who you are, because they aren’t connected to you. You are always One with Spirit. Your choices to experience what it would feel like to be less than your magnificence are like actually like the green arrows. They are not connected to you, so therefore they cannot define you. They are just things you choose to experience. They mean NOTHING about you.

The truth is: You are enough, have enough and do enough exactly as you are. When you choose an experience from a place of fear, from a place of getting, rather than extending, you’re choosing to believe that you aren’t enough, don’t have enough, or don’t do enough.

Does believing limitations about yourself bring you joy? Uplift you? Make you want to do the happy dance for hours on end? If not, what do you say we choose again – this time from a place of Truth? You are enough, have enough and do enough, because you are one with the Universe and one with the Universal Substance. Always have been. Always will be.