What Tim Tebow Can Teach Us About Manifesting and The Power of Faith

[Editor’s note: Though I’m a Chicagoan, I must say I was actually overjoyed when the Broncos pulled out an overtime win against the Chicago Bears, if only because it sparked the idea for this article!]

Forty years from now, when Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is bouncing his grandchildren on his knees, someone’s going to make a film about this year’s NFL football season. I can see it now, ala Rudy, the inspiring, gritty story of Notre Dame’s Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger. My screenplay (if I was tapped to write the story) would focus the audience’s attention on the lesson Tebow teaches us about how the power of faith contributes to our ability to manifest our desires, time and again.

Just to backtrack a wee bit, in case you’re not a football fan or you’ve been out near the South Pole at McMurdo Research Station like my friend Mo (welcome home, Mo!), a summary of the “Tim Tebow Story” may be necessary.

photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images, courtesy of www.denver.sbnation.com

Tim Tebow, 24 years old, isn’t the most polished or skillful NFL quarterback, according to pundits. Yet somehow he’s gotten national attention for pulling the Broncos up by their bootstraps the past seven games (including three overtime wins!) by stepping up in the fourth quarter. Admirable in and of itself, but what makes Tebow’s story interesting is this: after every good play and every win, he raises his index finger skyward and says “Thank you, God!” He also “Tebows,” dropping to one knee and bowing his head in prayer and gratitude.

Tebow doesn’t waste time or energy saying that God is winning games for him and the Broncos. In fact, Tebow is quick to point out that “God doesn’t care if the game is won or lost.” His faith hasn’t been built around getting something from God in exchange for his belief. Nope. Tebow’s faith is all about how you play the game – on the field and in “real life.”

Tebow shows up and extends love wherever he goes. He shows up even when he’s behind. Even when the crowd is taunting and booing (and worse). Tebow simply shows up and continues moving forward, always giving God the glory as they say. Despite any appearances to the contrary, Tebow sees the good. Always. Even when an opposing team member sacked him and “Tebowed” in mimicry, Tim Tebow saw the best in the action and gave the other player kudos for the sack.

Tebow is a walking, breathing demonstration of how the power of faith in God within helps manifest what we desire. Without any attachment to the outcome. I know that even if the unlikely event happens where the Broncos don’t pull out a last minute win and the fans go home thinking God no longer finds favor in Tebow, Tim Tebow will still take a knee and bow his head and praise God. Because he’s not attached to the outcome. He’s simply all in, always.

Tebow believes nothing and no one is able to overcome the Good. The outcome is assured. Despite appearances, despite the final score, EVERY game well played is a win. And so, when he is knocked down, he gets up. He brushes himself off. He lines up with wherever the ball is on the field of life at that moment, and prepares himself and his team and he takes the next snap. He keeps playing. He keeps moving the ball forward.

As my greatgrandmother would say, Tebow realizes his only job in this world is to show up, look pretty and be of service to God (by whatever name you call that Universal Energy). He accepts the current situation, assesses it and moves forward with absolute assurance that God has got his back and that only good will result.

How can you do the same? Recognize the truth of what you desire. Choose to believe that what you desire is a done deal. Keep putting in 100% effort despite any appearances to the contrary. Let go of the attachment to the form of the outcome. And lastly, always remember to give thanks to the Source of All Good each step of the way. As for the final outcome of this year’s football season, I for one can’t wait to see how the bookies handicap the Broncos in the Super Bowl.

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