November 12, 2010
Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney Business Building Tip Sheet
Featuring timely marketing tools and tips to increase your productivity and profitability

By Paula Langguth Ryan
Consumer Bankruptcy marketing consultant

Do you know what your consumer bankruptcy clients are silently pleading for? Let me give you a hint: it’s the same thing every 5-year old wants at bedtime (and no, it’s not a glass of water!)

All your clients and potential clients want is a STORY. Or so says one of the world’s leading web conversion experts, Daniel Levis.* According to Daniel, consumers want a story about who they are and who they are becoming.

They want a story that makes them feel good and proud. They want a story that makes them feel strong and worthy. They need this kind of story desperately right now. They’re standing on the brink of bankruptcy and they don’t feel any of those things.

So it’s your job, with your website advertising, to make sure that you give them a lead role where they can live out their most cherished fantasies. Where they are seen comfortable, paying their bills effortlessly, easily enjoying their future and their family.

Yet most consumer bankruptcy attorney websites make two costly mistakes. They either:

1: Have no images of the consumer on their website. It’s all dry, all about what your consumer bankruptcy practice DOES rather than how your firm will make them FEEL.

2: Show the story the potential client DOESN’T WANT. They show the family arguing over the bills, or the husband staying up late at night pulling out his hair as he worries about money.

Review your website today to see what images need to be replaced and where you can craft a story line that truly involves your potential clients so they feel like they can live out the American Dream even after their bankruptcy.

Need help making sure your website hits home with potential clients?

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*Daniel Levis is a renowned marketing consultant and unarguably one of the world’s leading web conversion experts ( He edits The Web Marketing Advisor, for Clayton Makepeace’s The Total Package (

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