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Treated fairly?

Ever wonder who the “life coaches” call when they need a helping hand getting through rough patches in their lives? Meet the “coach to the coach – and the stars!” – Paula Langguth Ryan. If you’ve never heard her name, that’s not surprising. She’s a behind the scenes kind of gal who likes to make YOUR success her personal goal. She’s coached everyone from Olympic athletes to housewives, from small business owners to CFO’s of multi-million dollar companies, and from Broadway singers to yacht brokers. As the folks in Kenya like to say “she may be tiny, but she’s powerful!”

“Cut to the Chase” Coaching

It must be said, though, that Paula’s coaching is definitely NOT for everyone. You have to be willing to take ownership of the issues that are coming up for you. If you’re not, she’ll refund your money faster than you can say “Magnificent Manifesting Force of the Universe!” Coaching with Paula can be an uncomfortable process, but most people see some pretty astonishing results in as little as 30 minutes, so that discomfort is rapidly transformed to pure glee.

Don’t take our word for it, though. You can see how Paula can help you instantly dissolve all sorts of inner and outer conflicts in your life by listening to a call-in radio show that was completely dedicated to helping listeners dissolve their conflicts in 10 minutes or less. Her rapid-fire approach to coaching is why Paula doesn’t even offer hour-long consultations.

“Instantly Dissolve Any Conflict You’re Having”

Once you have a listen for yourself, we recommend starting out with an introductory 30 minute session. It’s the best $250 investment you’ll probably ever make in your life!

Introductory Premium Coaching Session

30 minutes; $250


Strategic Premium Coaching Programs

60 minutes; $500

After your introductory session, you can sign up for a $500 block of time with Paula – which gives you 60 minutes, billable in 6 minute increments, any time you need her. Sometimes, all you need is a quick booster shot – to quickly and easily get back on track if you slide on a critical issue, or uncover a tool or technique that will help you break through a stuck place, or a little guidance to help you reframe a conflict, or a new perspective to review a piece of correspondence, or a conversation you are preparing to have. And 6 minutes is sometimes all it takes to change your point of view, avoid self-sabotage and insure successful forward movement toward your goals. It’s what one client calls “getting tweaked!”

As a Premium Coaching client, you have a direct line to Paula. You bypass the office completely. Paula is the only one who gets your message, so it’s secure and confidential. You can leave as much detail as you desire. (She will even work with you via email if you prefer – she types 120 words a minutes, so you get your money’s worth that way too!) Paula responds as quickly as possible to you during business hours and (if she’s available) sometimes even outside business hours.

If you’re ready to bust through the fears that have held you back and start achieving your dreams instead, make today the day you invest in yourself, starting with a 30 minute introductory premium coaching session or book your first Strategic Premium Coaching Program block and receive a special autographed gift from Paula!


We also offer several specialized consultation options

Considering Your Options


Finances stressing you out? On the edge? Let someone with no vested interest in the outcome help you figure out your options so you can make the best financial decision for your current and future life. Is bankruptcy right for you? Or are there other options that will help you get out from under your debt, save your home from foreclosure, and help you get caught up financially? Through pointed yet compassionate questioning, Consumer Bankruptcy guru Paula Langguth Ryan helps you gain clarity about the true nature of your financial situation. You’ll uncover the strategy that makes you feel most comfortable. You’ll then be armed with all the information you need to make an informed decision for yourself.

Note: Paula Langguth Ryan is not an attorney and NO information she provides should be construed as legal advice, in any form. All suggestions made during your consultation are for informational purposes only.

Post Bankruptcy Personalized Strategy Consultation


After your bankruptcy attorney shakes your hand and wishes you good luck outside your creditor’s meeting, what then? Given your current financial situation, how do you start getting back on track? What’s the best strategy for you to take? This personalized consultation with Consumer Bankruptcy Guru Paula Langguth Ryan will help you develop a strong personalized strategy for recovering from bankruptcy, given your exact circumstances. Consultation includes a coupon good for a free electronic copy of Paula’s best-selling book, Bounce Back From Bankruptcy: A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Back on Your Financial Feet.

Note: Paula Langguth Ryan is not an attorney or a financial planner and NO information she provides should be construed as legal or investment advice, in any form. All suggestions made during your consultation are for informational purposes only.

Pre-Mediation Consultation

30 minutes; $250

Sometimes, you can more quickly resolve an issue and come to a win-win-win agreement if you do a dry-run so you’ve got your thoughts together. Excellent whenever you’re nervous about stating your position and getting to the heart of your issues in a mediation. Make your mediation a breeze by being fully prepared for it beforehand.

Post Mediation Strategic Consultation

30 minutes; $250

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, conflicts are unresolved. One party simply can’t move from their original position. And that’s okay. But it can leave you feeling even more off center. Our 30-minute post-mediation strategic consultations are designed to help resolve your discomfort with the unresolved. Discover specific skills for being okay with un-agreed situations and conflicts. We work with both the inner and outer discomfort if you are faced with having to go to court after not reaching a settlement.

Pre-Negotiation Consultation

30 minutes; $250

Get a leg up and feel more confident with your next negotiation. Explore the possible objections, best possible outcome and worst possible outcome and get a true reality check about your negotiating position before you come to the table. An opportunity to create out of the box solutions that are truly win-win-win. Think of it as a warm up session before your next negotiation. Never again be a nervous negotiator!

Pre-Settlement Consultation

30 minutes; $250

Divorce settlements don’t have to be ugly. Uncoupling doesn’t have to be unkind. Get greater clarity on what you truly want and why and work through some of the harder emotional issues before you sit down at the settlement table. Think of it as a post-nup that gives you a successful, satisfying settlement.