“Money is like food. Portion, priority, and preparation are vital—and these are learnable skills. We must practice building and maintaining a healthy relationship with money. To develop healthy principles of money flow in our personal lives, we must treat money with respect. If we overspend on frivolous items that bring little or no real joy, we lose that respect.”

– Ana Weber, Author of the forthcoming book, “The Money Flow.”

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From the Desk
Contemporary Prosperity Advisor
Paula Langguth Ryan

Dear Friend,

Thank you for saying YES to a new, healthier way of relating to money in your life. In today’s economic climate, saying yes to empowering yourself financially is the best answer you can give!

The joy that comes from saying YES to the opportunities that present themselves, that truly resonate with you, comes when you are willing to heal, or are at least willing to see what it is that is calling to be healed in your life around various issues. My particular area of expertise? Inner peace and prosperity issues.


You can’t even begin to imagine the positive adventures you’ll experience as a result of healing underlying issues that keep you from giving and receiving with joy and grace. But I know that wherever your journey takes you, it will be a wonderful, wild, joyful experience. I do know that it will take you to the summit of your prosperity – if you let it!

So…here’s to letting YOUR adventure be exactly what you desire it to be – powerful, fearless, joyful and spirit-led.


My gift to you is an adventurous look at one of your primary relationships: your relationship with money. I invite you to read the 35-page Heal Your Relationship With Money e-book, then re-read it and answer the questions in the 28-page Heal Your Relationship With Money workbook. You can analyze it all by yourself, or, for a professional analysis, you can send it in to me. To claim your free gift, click on the link below my name…


You will be directed to the shopping cart, but no worries – this is an absolutely free gift. All you need to fill out are the bold fields to get your free gifts. If you’d care to make a donation to the cause, that would be awesome, of course – all gifts from this freebie will go toward my 2011 Kenya Mediation trip which will be to help provide school tuition and meals for students in Nakuru, consciousness raising work in Nairobi and Mombasa, mediation services for tribal conflicts in Northern Kenya, and to help finish building a much-needed hospital in Bungoma and provide fresh water wells wherever needed. (Of course, if any of my other products or services jump out at you – feel free to add them to your cart as well ; > )

Whether you analyze your workbook yourself, or send it to me, I hope you gain new insights into your money beliefs and actions that guide you to even greater success in the coming year.

Peace and prosperity,


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To claim your free gift, click