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Project Goals 2016

In addition to the village elders who are enthusiastic about the farming work that Pastor George is doing in Kitale, we had another unexpected surprise and blessing.

A widow to a late politician in Kitale wants to relocate from her family’s Kitale estate to their other property in Nairobi. The widow and her son approached Pastor George with an amazing offer. Her husband had been in the middle of building a school on the property when he died a year ago. Now, she wants Pastor George to be able to purchase their 6 acres in Kitale and continue what her husband started. And she has come up with a creative way to make this happen.

She’s willing to let Pastor George and his family rent the estate for three years, at an annual rent that clocks in at the equivalent of $200/month. This is is basically what they’re paying now for their small quarter acre 3-bedroom home. And then is willing to spread the purchase price (roughly $90,000) out over 7 years.

This property offers us opportunities to help the community in immense ways. Rebuilding the girls’ secondary school. Growing enough food to sustain the family and the school (and to sell to the community) on three acres of the land, setting aside one acre for the animals and two acres for the school. Creating a technical school to provide literacy and skills training for local residents (and parents – so they can develop new skills and be able to afford to send their children to school!). Creating a solar-powered computer center/recharging station for local residents. And so much more.

Let me tell you about the property and show you some pictures.

metal front gate driveway to property house on property

The land is six acres. It has a complete metal gate and a totally secured fence, so there will be no need for any additional security. The property is on a road directly off the main road and is near a central shopping center with a very high population.

annimal barn duck coop half built school building on land

It’s centrally located in Kitale, in an area where a girl’s boarding school and a technical school would be greatly welcome. In addition, there’s a four bedroom house on the property for Pastor George and his family. The house has electricity already connected. There are cow “shades,” a chicken coop,storage sheds and a huge partially-built building that will be completed as a girl’s secondary school. There’s enough acreage to set up a technical school and a computer center/recharging station. And there’s enough acreage to grow crops.

chicken coop papaya fruit trees
banana plants

Already, the property has abundant fruit trees in an orchard, as well as bananas and sweet potatoes. There’s a vegetable garden that can be used to grow food for the school and family, including tomatoes.

water tank for property How grazing on land property house and fruit trees

There’s a machine drilled well that can provide a limitless supply of water on the farm, for the home, school and for the farm animals. The well is connected to an electric pump which pumps the water automatically, whenever the water level in the tank is low. And there’s enough land to add additional water tanks as needed.

How we can make this possible…

The widow’s offer is for Pastor George to pay rent in the amount of 250,000 Ksh annually for three years. This comes out to $2,443/year. ($204/month is an incredible monthly rent). We already pay that much for the current small house Pastor George and his family is renting.

After three years of renting, at the end of 2019, we would then make an annual payment for seven years, equal to one seventh of the purchase price. In Kenyan Shillings, the total purchase price is 9,200,000 Ksh. Which works out to roughly $90,000 USD right now.

We’re looking to generate either impact investing funds or donations to cover the purchase price. Or at very least $12,850 per year for seven years so we can purchase the property. Our desire is to get onto the property as quickly as possible, so we can begin to plant and harvest and raise cows for milk, chickens for meat and eggs, and goats for meat. This will provide a valuable income stream to help us raise the funds for theĀ  purchase of the property and to start building the computer center/recharging station and then the girl’s school and technical school.

Pastor George has a big heart for girl’s education. His late sister stood against all odds to succeed in education, get a job and help him and his siblings get educated after his father’s death. That’s why he wishes to build a girl’s school at the high school level like the one we supported in Nakuru.

The area will benefit greatly from this school The culture in Kitale is just now realizing that girls too need to go to school beyond the Primary school level. There are not enough schools and those who are left out end up as house-girls (maids) or given into early marriages. We’d like to help Pastor George and Naomi change that culture from within. The added benefit of their school is that they would have a school nurse on-site to help these teenage girls deal with the changes in their body and social pressures.

We have created a special e-book for you (Forward Ever, Backward NEVER!) by Pastor George Kaye and Rev. Paula Langguth Ryan. This narrative shares Pastor George’s story and motivation behind all he does to help Kenyans become more self-sustaining. You can get a free copy by clicking HERE. (or email me at and I’ll send it as a PDF attachment if you prefer. For additional pictures of what we’ve accomplished so far in 2015, click HERE!


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Biggest Priority Today: raising $2500 to cover the ANNUAL rent and moving costs so we can move Pastor George and his family onto the school estate.

Our Second Priority: Raising $1400 to cover the January school term tuition for all of Pastor George and Naomi’s children.

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We are still supporting sustainable projects through Pastor George’s Kitale LifeWay Church (formerly Nakuru Community Church and BrightStar School), including the Widows/Orphans farming project, wells, the Bungoma hospital construction project and the girl education project (high school and elementary school). NOTE: For 2015, we are suspending support of our two other projects since they have access to other funding sources at this time. These projects include Lantano Naabala’s Kenyan Pastoralist Network with its restorative justice work with conflicting tribes. And Pastor Samuel, of The Better Way elementary school in the Mathare slum of Nairobi.

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