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“Paula Langguth Ryan completely changed my life.”:

I am Harvard-educated lawyer, who, for years rebelled against my training and education. I held resentments about Harvard, every past employer, hid myself away from most former classmates and the practice of law itself. I turned my back on the  profession, choosing instead a career in the arts— partly because it was a career 180 degrees in the opposite direction from law!

But my new profession didn’t seem to be panning out.  Though I got lots of nice rejection letters, I never could seem to break through and become a published author.  I made ends meet with various projects I absolutely hated (a little legal work here, a temp  job there, and various freelance projects).  I always felt undervalued in these jobs– and racked up a mountain of debt because my new lifestyle couldn’t support my old obligations.

Things went from bad to worse. My car was repossessed, I was months behind in rent and constantly worried about being evicted.  I even considered apply for Welfare.  My parents and friends couldn’t understand it: I was smart, talented and energetic. Why was my life in such a mess?

Then,  I met Paula and started practicing the Art of Abundance.

Over the past six months, Paula taught me many things, including:

  • to stop accepting any opportunity that didn’t completely resonate in my heart—which meant I had to turn down the “jobs” I hated—even though in my perception, those hated “jobs”  sustained me and my daughter;

  • to edit negativity out of my vocabulary and my thoughts;

  • to make peace with my past and bury my resentments toward others;

  • to keep my attention on the goal—and not the process of getting there;

  • to tithe 10% of what I had, no matter how little it seemed;

  • to pay all my creditors something—even if was as little as $1.00 or even fifty-cents!

None of this was easy.  Turning down opportunities to make fast cash when your checking account balance is near zero and you’re the sole provider for a growing seven-year old was difficult.  It was also difficult to contact old professors, classmates,  employers— all people whom I was sure had “done me wrong”– to thank them for the life lessons they taught me.

But the hardest thing was trusting God, the Universe and myself to provide something better than the life I had— when my very logical mind screamed out: “Do something quick!” It’s been a wild ride: one minute, trusting totally; the next minute, consumed entirely by fear and doubt.  And it’s not over. Not by a long shot.

But the following things have happened since I started working with Paula and the Art of Abundance six months ago:

  • I attracted a top-notch New York literary agent;

  • My top-notch agent sold a novel I wrote years ago to a major publishing house. A PERSONAL MATTER will be in bookstores in  September 2004.

  • My agent sold a  second novel I haven’t even finished (he didn’t even know what the book was about) to the same publishing house a day later. The advances for the combined sales will net more than any of the jobs and projects I turned down over the prior six months.

  • I was offered the opportunity to contribute a short story to another book project—an anthology of coming of age stories for young women of color. That book will also be published in Fall 2004.

  • I’ve been offered the opportunity to teach writing workshops to aspiring adults through Winter and Spring 2004—and to be paid well for those classes.  This is something I really want to do;

  • I’ve become involved with the local elementary school’s Write-A-Book program and I have the joy of volunteering time to help children write their very first stories;

  • I made peace with my parents, my past employers and reunited with old friends. I’ve healed riffs that had been festering for decades.

  • I even made a new friend: myself.

  • A play I wrote is being submitted by a friend to theatre companies in Atlanta;

  • I’ve learned the importance of tithing.

  • I am more certain of myself and my value in the world than I ever have been before.

Today, I got an email from a representative of a movie studio—he’s interested in reading my novels with an eye toward buying the film rights!

Understand: for two years, I wrote screenplays trying to “break-in” in Hollywood. Now, effortlessly, Hollywood’s coming to me!

I’m no longer writing in a vacuum, hoping someone will notice me.  Suddenly, all of my projects are in demand—and I have more new writing work than I can do!  People I have known for years are lining up to help me—and new friends appear daily, eager to help me build my career!  It’s wonderful!

In six short months, the Art of Abundance has completely changed my life. I am making a name for myself in the career of my dreams and happier and more prosperous than I have ever been in my life.

I will never stop practicing these prosperity principles since, this is only the beginning.  With these successes my goals have expanded.  Now, I see myself at the top of the Best Seller lists and, through continuing work with prosperity principles, that goal (or something better) will manifest, too!

Thank God for Paula and her awesome work.

Karyn Langhorne, author “A Personal Matter” (September 2004) and “Street Level” (June 2005), both from HarperCollins

Critical Praise

“Langhorne pens a wonderful debut novel that flows smoothly, is original and has superb character development and several meaty subplots.”

–Romantic Times

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