Testimonials for Bounce Back From Bankruptcy
By Paula Langguth Ryan

Plan to use it as our “bible”
“Thank you so much for putting out such an informative guide. We have read it cover to cover and plan to use it as our bible!!! By reading your guide I realize that I am far from being alone and that it isn’t the end, but a new beginning! Thank you so much for all the information and honesty…I truly appreciate it.” — Chapin

Entertaining and educational
“I would like to congratulate you for having written such a wonderful entertaining and educational book. Bounce Back From Bankruptcy has been extremely helpful.” — Jorge D., Florida

Purchased a car two weeks after discharge
“Thank you for writing a book that was very helpful. I considered it my bankruptcy bible. Two weeks after the discharge [of my bankruptcy] I purchased a Toyota Camry with financing from Toyota Motor Credit! Before my bankruptcy was even discharged, I received an unsecured credit card. This book is full of useful information to re-establish your credit. My next project is to purchase a home in [nine months]. I’ll keep you posted.” — Sandra D., Pennsylvania

I recommend it to anyone considering bankruptcy
“I’m glad I finally ordered Bounce Back From Bankruptcy. Great research, lots of useful info! It’ll prove to be a big help in the future. I’ll recommend it to anyone I run across who is considering or going through bankruptcy.” — Jeff H.

Attorney Mark F. Scurti
“Thank you for forwarding me a copy of your wonderful publication.  I read it and really was impressed.  I have your book on my desk propped up to show my clients that they truly can ‘Bounce Back from  Bankruptcy.’  My best to you and Congratulations on a job well done!”

Great advice
“I think this book is great. I checked it out of the library, but I am going to buy it. I can relate to everything in the book, but I really appreciated the area on student loans. I just completed a doctorate program  and I do not want to go into default. I learned a lot of strategies in this book to prevent this. I also like the forms for writing to the credit bureaus. I have told friends about the book. This book is less than  twenty dollars and it is a good reference tool!

“This book has saved my sanity!”
“Having recently filed for bankruptcy, I’ve been constantly worried about re-building my credit, buying a home, even looking for a job. Ms. Langguth Ryan’s book provides step-by-step advice on how to obtain  and correct your credit reports, re-establish your credit, and get out of debt for good. The chapter on credit cards alone is worth the cost of the book. She provides not only names and addresses of banks that  issue secured credit cards, but she provides such information as: minimum requirements, minimum deposit, interest yield on deposit, credit limits, length of time until card can go unsecured, application/annual  fees, grace period, and interest rates. Plus, she has verified that each of these cards WILL show up on your credit report, without indication that they are secured. She provides names, addresses, phone  numbers, who to contact, what exactly to write (form letters are included in the book). I only wish I could give her a hug! If you’re even considering bankruptcy, buy this book–you won’t regret it.”

Attorney Ronald S. Lieberman
“My congratulation on publishing a most helpful and instructive manual on how one can improve and restore one’s credit standing, even after filing bankruptcy.  I found it to be easy reading and would like to  recommend it to my bankruptcy clients as well as those I am assisting with credit repair, whether they have filed bankruptcy or not.  If they follow your recommended steps early, they may never have to file a  bankruptcy petition.  I am enclosing a check for ten (10) copies of the book.”

Jim Caher, Author of “Debt Free”
“[Bounce Back From Bankruptcy] is a wonderful way to refute claims of creditors that bankruptcy is a ten year mistake. Contrary to credit industry claims, many people suffer much longer than they should in  order to avoid bankruptcy.  Your book, being written by someone who’s been there, should help bring the decision on whether to file bankruptcy back to a rational level.  I think that you’ve really found a niche.”