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Testimonials for Compassionate Mediation

The secret to success in marriage for Barbra Streisand and James Brolin
“It’s being with someone you can negotiate well with. And if you need a referee, bring someone in and talk it over.” — James Brolin


Testimonials for Bounce Back From Bankruptcy
By Paula Langguth Ryan

Plan to use it as our “bible”
“Thank you so much for putting out such an informative guide. We have read it cover to cover and plan to use it as our bible!!! By reading your guide I realize that I am far from being alone and that it isn’t the end, but a new beginning! Thank you so much for all the information and honesty…I truly appreciate it.” — Chapin


Entertaining and educational
“I would like to congratulate you for having written such a wonderful entertaining and educational book. Bounce Back From Bankruptcy has been extremely helpful.” — Jorge D., Florida


Purchased a car two weeks after discharge
“Thank you for writing a book that was very helpful. I considered it my bankruptcy bible. Two weeks after the discharge [of my bankruptcy] I purchased a Toyota Camry with financing from Toyota Motor Credit! Before my bankruptcy was even discharged, I received an unsecured credit card. This book is full of useful information to re-establish your credit. My next project is to purchase a home in [nine months]. I’ll keep you posted.” — Sandra D., Pennsylvania


I recommend it to anyone considering bankruptcy
“I’m glad I finally ordered Bounce Back From Bankruptcy. Great research, lots of useful info! It’ll prove to be a big help in the future. I’ll recommend it to anyone I run across who is considering or going through bankruptcy.” — Jeff H.


Attorney Mark F. Scurti
“Thank you for forwarding me a copy of your wonderful publication. I read it and really was impressed. I have your book on my desk propped up to show my clients that they truly can ‘Bounce Back from Bankruptcy.’ My best to you and Congratulations on a job well done!”


Great advice
“I think this book is great. I checked it out of the library, but I am going to buy it. I can relate to everything in the book, but I really appreciated the area on student loans. I just completed a doctorate program and I do not want to go into default. I learned a lot of strategies in this book to prevent this. I also like the forms for writing to the credit bureaus. I have told friends about the book. This book is less than twenty dollars and it is a good reference tool!


“This book has saved my sanity!”
“Having recently filed for bankruptcy, I’ve been constantly worried about re-building my credit, buying a home, even looking for a job. Ms. Langguth Ryan’s book provides step-by-step advice on how to obtain and correct your credit reports, re-establish your credit, and get out of debt for good. The chapter on credit cards alone is worth the cost of the book. She provides not only names and addresses of banks that issue secured credit cards, but she provides such information as: minimum requirements, minimum deposit, interest yield on deposit, credit limits, length of time until card can go unsecured, application/annual fees, grace period, and interest rates. Plus, she has verified that each of these cards WILL show up on your credit report, without indication that they are secured. She provides names, addresses, phone numbers, who to contact, what exactly to write (form letters are included in the book). I only wish I could give her a hug! If you’re even considering bankruptcy, buy this book–you won’t regret it.”


Attorney Ronald S. Lieberman
“My congratulation on publishing a most helpful and instructive manual on how one can improve and restore one’s credit standing, even after filing bankruptcy. I found it to be easy reading and would like to recommend it to my bankruptcy clients as well as those I am assisting with credit repair, whether they have filed bankruptcy or not. If they follow your recommended steps early, they may never have to file a bankruptcy petition. I am enclosing a check for ten (10) copies of the book.”


Jim Caher, Author of “Debt Free”
“[Bounce Back From Bankruptcy] is a wonderful way to refute claims of creditors that bankruptcy is a ten year mistake. Contrary to credit industry claims, many people suffer much longer than they should in order to avoid bankruptcy. Your book, being written by someone who’s been there, should help bring the decision on whether to file bankruptcy back to a rational level. I think that you’ve really found a niche.”


Testimonials for The Art of Abundance Newsletter (Now the Inner Transformations E-Magazine)
By Paula Langguth Ryan

The REAL benefit of reading The Art of Abundance!
“I used to have a real problem with the idea that in order to receive more, we needed to give more. I have made a lot of progress. And it looks like my income (in all ways) is getting ready to make a serious upturn. I wanted to write you now, before that happens, to thank you for the real benefit I receive by reading The Art of Abundance. I no longer feel large pangs of guilt when I spend money. I’m actually more careful now than I was before, about where I spend my money. Now I proactively bless my bills and seek causes that I want to support, where before I avoided my finances by “throwing money at it.” I grew up in a family that abused money in a constant oscillation between rags and riches, so this is a big deal for me. The Art of Abundance has empowered me to drop some of my old baggage, take a fresh look at my life, and pursue the depth of truth in “believing is seeing!” — Adam Y., in Ohio


Our big “aha!” moment
“The October 15 issue of Art of Abundance was truly kick butt! We were really into the article about “Setting Intentions that Work.” You’ve discussed this before in the newsletter, but this issue was the big Aha! moment.” – Victoria B., in New York


Now I can give freely!
“Thank you for your article on prosperity in the May Unity Magazine. For about 17 years, we lived in poverty and I wondered why, after I had given so much, we still lacked. I liked your placing giving in a larger context of other abundance activities. But what really helped me was your encouragement to start where you can in joy and good faith. I have begun to give as I feel I can freely and have experienced some new sources of income. As I grow, I know the issue of tithing, which has been fraught with so much negativity for me, will no longer be a mental burden and that I will see what I need to do.” — Shirley F., Missouri


No more fear and trepidation!
“Thank you for your articles and your personal words of encouragement. I’m continuing to tithe but no longer is it with fear and trepidation. No longer is it feeling like I’m taking 10% of “my” money to give to God, ut like I’m giving back what is God’s. I’m not out of the woods yet, but at least now I can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. A lot more work is coming in and I feel much more joyful as well.” – Steve E. in Minnesota


Learned my lesson!
“I happened to be listening to the radio when the segment about you was aired. What you were saying intrigued me. I went to your website and enjoyed it thoroughly. Then I clicked on one of your newsletters, where you talked about the 90-day tithing plan. That was my lesson!! Due to procrastination, I have carried 3 weeks of tithing around in my purse. Today I am distributing those funds to various sources that have touched my soul. Needless to say, yours is one of them!” — Gloria G., Illinois


Fantastic — keep on writing!
“Your Embracing Abundance was fantastic. We need more such messages. God bless you real good and keep on writing on.” — Victor E., Nigeria, West Africa


No more financial chaos
“I devoured four of your e-zines. I’ve already begun healing my relationship with money. I’m taking steps to move on from my current job which I’ve been hanging on to out of fear. I see now I’ve been using credit cards as my security blanket and how I’ve been creating financial chaos in my life because I’m so unhappy with my job. As my very first step in healing my relationship with money, I’m tithing. I’ve tried it before but it hasn’t worked for me. After reading your newsletters, I understand why. I tithed because of what I expected to get back from it, not just to give. I was still rooted in scarcity thinking.” — — Yvonne, Missouri


Gets me to slow down
“My life is so hectic that it is so nice to read something that slows me down!”


Never fails to uplift
“I’m continually blessed by your thoughts and prayers that manifest through The Art of Abundance. Your articles never fail to coincide with my needs for awareness of my prosperous state of being, despite outward appearances sometimes! I do remember to keep gratitude in my consciousness most of the time for all the blessings I have and those yet to come, and the daily tithing I do now grounds me in that. Thank you, thank you, thank you! — Anne H., Tennessee


New Tithing and Intention Setting Success Stories
Art of Abundance and Paula Langguth Ryan
completely changed my life.

I am Harvard-educated lawyer, who, for years rebelled against my training and education. I held resentments about Harvard, every past employer, hid myself away from most former classmates and the practice of law itself. I turned my back on the profession, choosing instead a career in the arts— partly because it was a career 180 degrees in the opposite direction from law! But my new profession didn’t seem to be panning out. Though I got lots of nice rejection letters, I never could seem to break through and become a published author. I made ends meet with various projects I absolutely hated (a little legal work here, a temp job there, and various freelance projects). I always felt undervalued in these jobs– and racked up a mountain of debt because my new lifestyle couldn’t support my old obligations.

Things went from bad to worse. My car was repossessed, I was months behind in rent and constantly worried about being evicted. I even considered apply for Welfare. My parents and friends couldn’t understand it: I was smart, talented and energetic. Why was my life in such a mess? Then, I met Paula and started practicing the Art of Abundance. Over the past six months, Paula taught me many things, including:

to stop accepting any opportunity that didn’t completely resonate in my heart—which meant I had to turn down the “jobs” I hated—even though in my perception, those hated “jobs” sustained me and my daughter;

  • to edit negativity out of my vocabulary and my thoughts;
  • to make peace with my past and bury my resentments toward others;
  • to keep my attention on the goal—and not the process of getting there;
  • to tithe 10% of what I had, no matter how little it seemed;
  • to pay all my creditors something—even if was as little as $1.00 or even fifty-cents!

None of this was easy. Turning down opportunities to make fast cash when your checking account balance is near zero and you’re the sole provider for a growing seven-year old was difficult. It was also difficult to contact old professors, classmates, employers— all people whom I was sure had “done me wrong”– to thank them for the life lessons they taught me. But the hardest thing was trusting God, the Universe and myself to provide something better than the life I had— when my very logical mind screamed out: “Do something quick!” It’s been a wild ride: one minute, trusting totally; the next minute, consumed entirely by fear and doubt. And it’s not over. Not by a long shot. But the following things have happened since I started working with Paula and the Art of Abundance six months ago:

  • I attracted a top-notch New York literary agent;
  • My top-notch agent sold a novel I wrote years ago to a major publishing house. A PERSONAL MATTER will be in bookstores in September 2004.
  • My agent sold a second novel I haven’t even finished (he didn’t even know what the book was about) to the same publishing house a day later. The advances for the combined sales will net more than any of the jobs and projects I turned down over the prior six months.
  • I was offered the opportunity to contribute a short story to another book project—an anthology of coming of age stories for young women of color. That book will also be published in Fall 2004.
  • I’ve been offered the opportunity to teach writing workshops to aspiring adults through Winter and Spring 2004—and to be paid well for those classes. This is something I really want to do;
  • I’ve become involved with the local elementary school’s Write-A-Book program and I have the joy of volunteering time to help children write their very first stories;
  • I made peace with my parents, my past employers and reunited with old friends. I’ve healed riffs that had been festering for decades. I even made a new friend: myself.
  • A play I wrote is being submitted by a friend to theatre companies in Atlanta;
  • I’ve learned the importance of tithing.
  • I am more certain of myself and my value in the world than I ever have been before.

Today, I got an email from a representative of a movie studio—he’s interested in reading my novels with an eye toward buying the film rights! Understand: for two years, I wrote screenplays trying to “break-in” in Hollywood. Now, effortlessly, Hollywood’s coming to me!

I’m no longer writing in a vacuum, hoping someone will notice me. Suddenly, all of my projects are in demand—and I have more new writing work than I can do! People I have known for years are lining up to help me—and new friends appear daily, eager to help me build my career!

It’s wonderful!

In six short months, the Art of Abundance has completely changed my life. I am making a name for myself in the career of my dreams and happier and more prosperous than I have ever been in my life. I will ever stop practicing these prosperity principles since, this is only the beginning. With these successes my goals have expanded. Now, I see myself at the top of the Best Seller lists and, through continuing ork with prosperity principles, that goal (or something better) will manifest, too!

Thank God for Paula and her awesome work.

Tithing has again become fun
“Tithing has again become so much fun and pleasure. And it keeps me focused on the abundance and prosperity — not on the lack!” — Jane V., Arizona

Learning the true meaning of prosperity
“Thank you so much for holding the high watch for all of us on prosperity issues and generally for our highest good. I almost got to the point of wanting to give up on tithing this fall. I felt I was back in the same rut. I did not feel like it was working for me. But as I made my commitment to continue, I received another huge gift to help me support my son in college. And recently I received another gift from a totally different source. So I am sending you this tithe in appreciation of you enduring guidance for all who have been learning the meaning of prosperity through your newsletters and workshops.” — Susan P., Maryland

More peace and joy
“Enclosed is a small token of appreciation for the inspiration and encouragement that your Art of Abundance has given me. Last month was the best month financially that I’ve had for a very long time. I also feel more at peace and filled with joy.” — Steve R., New York


Aware of the flow
“I am grateful to the Divine Source for all the abundance that continuously flows into my life. I am grateful to you and your work for the reminder to become aware of that flow and stay aware of it. I offer this tithe back to the Divine Source through you so that your work may continue to reach more and more people. –Yvonne F., Missouri


The expansiveness to ask and receive
“I received a wonderful gift of airfare for my daughter, to visit me from CA, so I am tithing to you. It was through your “holding the light” that I got the expansiveness to ask and receive. Thank you! — Amy S., Maryland


Testimonials for Paula Langguth Ryan’s Workshops, Tapes, Lectures & Coaching
Rapid results from my coaching session!

Thank you again for my coaching session today. I’ve been releasing some deep emotional garbage since we talked, and I know that will continue. I never would have guessed I would see ‘results’ to my session so very soon. Just 4 hours after we talked about my commitment to my ‘true and right’ career, I received an invitation to speak at an astrology conference. What a testimonial to just how well, (and rapidly) this kind of work turns things around! I am in AWE and very grateful to God’ess! — Adina Mather, Certified Evolutionary Astrologer,

No longer standing in the way of my own success!
“Thanks a million for such an empowering prosperity workshop. As a student of Truth and an avid reader of abundance books for many years, I can honestly say that you have helped me to finally put the pieces of the puzzle together. I now understand how and why I have stood in the way of my own success.” — J.E.T., in Virginia


A real attitude changer!
“I attended your January 9 workshop in NYC. My attitude has changed a lot since your workshop. I feel more self-confident and positive about the future. I am confident that my cash-flow will change by the end of April, possibly sooner. Thanks for your help. — A.L., in New York

A wonderful inspiration!
“Your tapes are wonderful! Thank you for being an inspiration. — Sandra N., in Oklahoma


Results come mere hours after March 3 workshop ends!
“I just received a phone call from a franchisee who has previously said he could not buy my franchise. He had been thinking about it during this weekend and decided it was too good a deal to pass up. We are to close on 3/12. The balance to me will pay off $14,000 of debt from the business. I feel so free.” — Gloria H., in Tennessee


Requests granted in 30 days!
“On March 5 we made an offer and on March 6 we signed the contract on our new home! And we have begun packing and preparing our current home for renting, both of which were my “requests” at the seminar we attended on Friday, February 9 at Unity of Charlotte! Thank you! Loved your seminar!” — North Carolina attendee


Better than what he asked for!
“Although my husband John did not get exactly what he asked for (to reduce our debts to 0) he got something better. His company agreed to pay 100% of his tuition (which includes weekend boarding) to attend Wake Forrest Executive MBA program! The cost is more than our debts and the payback over our lifetime is huge…so it does work!” — Julie C., North Carolina


Salesman left speechless!
“The only thing that came to mind after talking to you was WOW! Such a wonderful and positive flow. Thank you so much for helping me start to reframe my thoughts toward prosperity. Now the habits need to be formed to ensure success.” Michael A., North Carolina


Bless you — you are awesome!
“I moved into the house I wanted in March! Now I’m affirming that I will be “renting to own” instead of just renting. Bless you — you are awesome!” — Cindy C., Virginia



Business is a roaring flood!
“The massage business is not just flowing, it’s a roaring flood right now!” — Anne H., Tennessee

Inspired and on my way!
“Thanks to your seminar/workshop in Chattanooga, I’m on my way! I enjoyed getting the newsletter yesterday, and I’m inspired to do the 90 day exercise with you first! I’m grateful that a friend of mine ‘found’ you for us!”


Raised my prosperity consciousness
“I am sending you this tithe in appreciation and gratitude for your loving service in keeping the high watch for our prosperity consciousness. You have definitely touched my soul and inspired me to keep practicing prosperity principles. I am grateful for your role in opening my mind and heart to the infinite possibilities of spirit and love.” — Susan P., Maryland


Heard on Radio
“We heard you on the Dolan’s radio program. Thanks for being a ray of hope!”



Lowered Money Anxiety
“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Blessings to you. I still feel some anxiety, but overall, we are blessed with abundance.” – Nancy, Maryland