What I like most about baking bacon for breakfast (other than the eating bacon part, of course!) is draining the fat.

I know, that sounds odd.

I love to lift the cookie pan up at an angle. Just enough for the fat to start traveling down to the corner. Down to the waiting mason jar. The jar that stands ready to catch every last drop.

pretty bacon and bacon greaseI fix my eyes on the dark crunchy bits. They show me how fast or slow the grease is flowing. They show me that the flow always leads to the ultimate destination. The “honey pot” of bacon grease from whence cometh the flavoring for our amazing meals.

Collecting the bacon grease reminds me of how all our lives are flowing forward. It demonstrates how sometimes things in our life’s flow stagnate and slow down (like when the grease sits in the pan too long and starts to harden). It shows how things can start moving W-A-Y too fast for our comfort zone (like when the pan is too hot to handle), forcing us to step back and wait a minute before we take action.

Patience, tempered with action. Action, tempered with patience. It’s a beautiful balance. glowing infinity

What Walter Russell called the “rhythmic balanced interchange” of life.

Today, may you step into your rhythmic balanced interchange. At whatever point you are at in the eternal flow. May you suspend judgment and chose to enjoy the ride down the greased chute of your day, with ease and grace. And may you find true bliss in whatever is your “bacon.”