The Vibrational Language of Prosperity:

Permanently Aligning Your Words and Thoughts with Your Passions and Life Purpose

with Paula Langguth Ryan

Your words are the most powerful tools you have available to destroy or create what you want. Join Prosperity Verbalante and Spiritual Mediator Paula Langguth Ryan and discover how to instantly

  • Transform your every thought and every word so they’re in alignment with what you desire to create
  • Release resistance to learning a new language of abundance and success
  • Awaken your awareness of the language you unconsciously and consciously use
  • make a powerful transition to raise your vibration
  • increase your energy and creativity
  • bring your life purpose and heart’s desire into a much stronger physical manifestation

It’s all about your language, the words you choose…
and the thoughts you’re consciously and unconsciously thinking

This 45-minute video presentation and workbook walks you step-by-step through the transformation needed to put you in the flow so you’re creating what you truly desire in your life and in the world around you. Discover the secrets that Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Lillian Vernon and countless others have used in their everyday world to make a difference and leave a legacy that created positive change in the world.

Imagine being so overflowing with joy and love for life that nothing seems impossible. This can be YOUR reality, if you choose to let it be!

Reserve your very own copy of the DVD and CD which will be shipped to you immediately. Print out the PDF workbook (or read along on your computer, while you watch the DVD video. In less than 1 hour, you will discover and start putting into place these action steps that will easily and effortlessly begin to reprogram old imbedded message and create a new permanent alignment with the Universal Flow of Good.


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