Is your Vision Board or Treasure Map fresh and vibrant or filled with stale images?

Creating a vision board, also known as a treasure map or wheel of fortune, is an incredibly powerful visual way to create the life you’ve always dreamed of having — and of setting your intentions in a form you can see and feel. After heavily researching this visualization tool, I developed a spirit-filled and fun-filled way to create vision boards that stay fresh longer and supercharge your intentions. Read more about Vision Board or Treasure Maps

With a short guided meditation and a rapid-fire automatic writing exercise, my Feng Shui Bagua Treasure Map Playkit will help you tap into your subconscious, so you’re creating your vision board based on what your heart truly desires rather than what your ego desires or what  you believe other people want you to do, be or have.

Then, using the unique Feng Shui Bagua Treasure Map grid, I’ll help you create a balanced vision board which incorporates feng shui placement, the essence of the areas (such as gratitude for prosperity and integrity for fame and reputation), colors and elements. In the end, you’ll develop a powerful prosperity tool that is guaranteed to create results and bring you the essence of what you desire in nine areas of your life including health, love/romance, wealth, spirituality.

You deserve to have the life of your dreams — honor your dreams by bringing them to life with a Feng Shui Bagua Treasure Map Playkit.



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Treasure mapping, also known as creating a vision board, is an incredibly powerful visual way to create a mental picture of the life you’ve always dreamed of having — and of setting your intentions in a form you can see and feel.

View other people’s treasure maps here! (coming soon!)

When you get started, DON’T open the workbook. It’s like one of those tests you took in elementary school (don’t pick up your pencil until you hear the bell ring, etc.)

Sit somewhere comfortably and meditate with some powerful music playing, to help you get centered on having the Universe open you up to receive your highest good in all nine areas of your life. Then, after 5 minutes, let another song begin, pick up the workbook and open it to the first page. Read the statement and then immediately write down the first 2-3 words that come to mind, then move on to the next page.

Don’t stop and “think” about what you’re writing or what comes to mind. Just write down the essence of what you want in your life, based on what your “goals” are in this area. Let Spirit guide you. There are no right or wrong answers and some pretty heavy stuff may come up. Just keep doing the automatic writing. Jot your few words and flip the page. You should be able to get through all the pages in four minutes or less. Basically the question is: what do you want to be, do and experience more of in your life.

Then, pick up magazines that have colorful pictures and powerful words in them. These could be travel magazines, home magazines, Oprah (although I’ll never let anyone near my copies with scissors, others  have graciously gifted me with extra copies that people can cut up during my treasure mapping playshops), Unity magazines, cool catalogs, whatever resonates with you.

Use those magazines to find pictures and words that represent what you want to draw to yourself. Then glue them up with a glue stick in whatever way you like, incorporating the placement, colors and  elements from the template and put your treasure map in a place where you can spend time looking at it every day. My first treasure map was hung over my kitchen sink, where I could look it over while doing  the dishes. My current treasure map is on my meditation wall in my bedroom. Once you get started using the visualization tool, watch carefully for the “coincidences” and “odd connections” that lead you to the things you desire!

Setting Up Your Bagua Feng Shui Treasure Map

I recommend that you set up your vision board into 9 sections in three rows, as follows:

Top, left to right: Prosperity/Fame & Reputation/Love & Romance

Center, left to right: Health & Family/Spirit/Childlikeness & Creativity

Bottom, left to right: Knowledge & Self-Cultivation/Career/ Travel & Helpful People

Write and let me know what you manifest!

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Peace and prosperity,