Don’t let your attitude about
your clients or lack of copywriting skills
sabotage your success!

Do you hate asking people for money? Hate trying to get them to buy something you’re selling? Do you hate having to point out how your products or services offer the best value for the money, the biggest benefits? Hate trying to convince someone they should “Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!”?

The Supersonic Prosperity Oriented Copywriting System is designed specifically to eliminate the ICK factor around marketing and sales. You will permanently transform every communication you have with every potential, current and even past client or customer. Using this material, you will increase your ability to communicate about your products or services with perfect clarity.

Get rid of “sales hype.” Discover how to create plain English copy as if you were speaking with a good friend. Your copy will ooze with self-confidence and self-worth. The true value of what you offer will shine through with ease and grace. You’ll discover how to communicate in ways that truly get people to realize that what you are providing is what they deeply desire!

In this package, you’ll find 120 minutes of empowering video and more than 60 pages crammed full of insights, strategies and techniques. You can pick and choose any single strategy and put it into place IMMEDIATELY. How? Simply use it as a filter when you review the first communication about or from you and your company that crosses your path today.

Or start with the very first contact people have with you in any area of your business. Or the biggest marketing, sales or advertising effort you use. Or the home page of your website, or your keywords, voice mail message or phone script.

What I’m trying to say is, it doesn’t matter where you start. The only thing that matters is that you start. Step-by-step, page by page, word by word you can transform your business into a success story, where people everywhere are talking about what you offer because they “get it.”

If you’re tired of buying marketing packages that leave you feeling inept and lacking specific guidance to write or revise your communications in ways that speak directly to your customers, you’ve got a choice to make. Do you want to try and run with the pack or do you want to stand out from the crowd, where your customers can easily find you?

If you’re ready to show yourself clearly to your customers, request a copy of the Supersonic Prosperity Oriented Copywriting System today. Unlike super-priced marketing packages, Supersonic Copywriting is priced less than $300. It’s worth far more, but I want it to reach the most people! (Read the next paragraph to find out how you can get it for half that amount!)

The System is conveniently packaged on 1 DVD and 1 CD – you can watch it at your convenience, print out the supporting materials, or simply read them from your computer or Kindle. All for $279. And if you request your copy before October 31, you can have a copy at my “birthday special” price of $149! Giving you an extra $130 you can put toward your marketing and advertising efforts!

Are you REALLY ready to take your business to a supersonic level of success this year?

If so, join the “CopyTamer” Paula Langguth Ryan, former ghostwriter for marketing guru Jay Abraham and copywriter for John Naisbitt, author of MegaTrends, as seen and heard on PBS, NBC, ABC and NPR

  • Why you’re asking the wrong questions about your clients & how to change that NOW
  • The 4 questions your copy should ALWAYS answer
  • Why your own fears may be sabotaging your success every time you connect with a client
  • How to create a “tingle factor” in your copy
  • How to identify & OVERCOME client objections
  • How to track your efforts to maximize your results
  • How to tap the best copywriting minds – for free!
  • Copywriting tips from  the marketing legends you can put to use today to boost your copy!
  • PLUS: 70 pages of incredible samples, DISSECTED INDEPTH so you can create killer copy for your products or services!


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