Trying to sell your home?

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start gathering up those boxes …
because your moving date is just around the corner, now!

How much is it worth to you to invest an hour (or two!) in getting the price you want for your home? Getting the buyer you want for your home? It’s probably worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars to you, right? So what if you could make the shifts that create the sale for less than you probably pay for a family dinner out?

How to Manifest the Right and Perfect Buyer for Your Home

$19.97 instant audio download available now!

You may be financially in great shape with equity in your home, and wondering how you can get the price you want and the buyer you want, when you’re home is worth more than others in your neighborhood that are in foreclosure. You may be looking to sell your home because you’re upside down, owing more than your home is worth, because you’re behind on your mortgage, or you may be already facing foreclosure. Or you may be in between – having to sell your home because your mortgage payments are stretching you too thin, and you are looking to sell your home as quickly as possible, on your terms. This hour long audio is packed with practical and metaphysical tips and strategies to help you draw the right and perfect buyer to your home.

Wherever you are in this process, this audio will help you. In particular, I’m going to focus on sharing information to help you:

  • Resolve the inner struggle between HAVING to sell when you don’t really WANT to sell
  • Heal resentments around the pending sale of your home
  • Uncover the ways you treat your home that may be sabotaging your sales efforts
  • Identify and overcome Obstacles to manifesting the right and perfect buyer
  • Untie bonds to your house that may be keeping you tied to it
  • Release limiting beliefs
  • Release attachment to how the right and perfect buyer shows up
  • Get okay with letting go of who your new buyer may be (it may actually be YOU!)

Effortlessly Clear Your Clutter for a Faster Home Sale with Paula Langguth Ryan and Janet L. Hall

$19.97 instant audio download available now!

In Effortlessly Clear Your Clutter, Janet gives away – actually gives away! – her trademarked sorting technique, “The 5 W’s of Organizing, a Teaser and a Tickle™” – the funniest sounding, most effective strategy for sorting and eliminating clutter I’ve ever seen!

  • Learn the top four PLUS reasons people have clutter
  • Discover how to easily sort through ANY clutter using Janet’s TEASER technique
  • Uncover the 10 little questions to ask yourself when you don’t know what to keep, toss, or donate
  • How and where to create a “sorting staging area”

Start gathering up those boxes, because
your moving date is just around the corner, now!