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Recovery Tools

Bounce Back From Bankruptcy:
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy:
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Break the Debt Cycle for Good:
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How to Manifest a Debt Free and Prosperous Life:
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Debt Mediation/Negotiation/Communication with Creditors
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Prosperity Tools

21 Days to a More Abundant Life:
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How to Create Supercharged Intentions that Effortlessly Manifest:
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Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing:
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Effortless Freedom From Clutter and Debt:
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How to Manifest the Right and Perfect Buyer for Your Home:
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Effortlessly Clear Your Clutter for a Faster Home Sale:
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Vibrational Language of Prosperity Video:
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Peaceful Balanced Life Tools

How to Manifest the Right and Perfect Job:
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Feng Shui Bagua Vision Board/Treasure Mapping Playkit:
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Face to Face Meditation:
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Coaching and Personal Mediation Services

30 Minute Coaching Sessions
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Considering Bankruptcy or Other Financial Options Consultation
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Business Building Tools & Services

Supersonic Prosperity-Oriented Copywriting Program
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Pre-Mediation Strategic Consultation
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Pre-Negotiation Strategic Consultation
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Pre-Settlement Strategic Consultation
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ROANOKE, VA: Conflict Free Living Transformational Weekend

October 10-12, 2014: Friday (5pm-8pm); Saturday (9am-6pm) and Sunday (NOON-3pm)

Want greater peace in all areas of your life? Outer peace begins with inner peace.

So often we choose conflict out of a place of fear. We attack or defend. And then we wish we had chosen different.

Imagine an entire weekend where you transform all those fears into positive, comfortable interactions.

Imagine feeling comfortable in every interaction, every conversation, every relationship. Imagine a life where you always choose Love over Fear.

This life CAN be YOURS.

It begins with an opportunity attend 1, 2 or all three events the weekend of October 10-12, 2014.

This is a RARE opportunity to join 8-10 like-minded people for a personalized, powerful, advanced transformation training with Paula Langguth Ryan in Roanoke Virginia.

The all-inclusive weekend fee of $897 includes Friday dinner, Saturday snack, lunch and dinner and Sunday snack and lunch. Or enjoy any of the individual events for the prices listed (includes meals as well).

(Private venue, open to public registrations; limited to 10 people at each event; call 970-590-3732 for details and address)

INDIVIDUAL EVENTS MAY BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY FOR THE PRICES LISTED BELOW – info on hotels and airports at the bottom of this page

FRIDAY: Overcoming Conflict Avoidance: How to Identify and Transform Your Triggers, Old Beliefs and Fears – $249/person

We all avoid certain conflicts. Avoiding conflicts erodes trust, inhibits clear communication, affects public perception, impedes relationships between you and others, and leads to stress, tension, more conflict, decreased productivity and termination of relationships and friendships.

This workshop helps you reveal and analyze your conflict triggers, dive beneath the surface cause, and easily and effectively address conflicts that trigger your avoidance behavior pattern. You will walk away with in-depth knowledge and awareness of the visible and hidden faces of conflict avoidance, conflict triggers (yours and others’), and a personal toolbox of techniques and strategies you can use to begin to manage previously-avoided conflicts. Workshop will cover:

  • Reasons we avoid conflicts
  • Strategic and little known conflict avoidance techniques
  • Identification of avoidance techniques used by self and others
  • Conflict triggers and the true core beliefs they mask
  • Techniques for getting to the core of the problem
  • Ways to talk yourself into staying with a conflict
  • What your personality type tells you about how you avoid conflict
  • How to minimize the other party’s defenses to reach a resolution
  • How to create processes that help resolve avoided conflicts – designed by you and the others involved
  • A Seven step compassionate strategy for approaching and resolving any conflict you’d rather avoid!


SATURDAY: Making Difficult Conversation Easy: How to Mean What You Say and Say What You Mean with Loving Kindness, Ease and Grace – $449/person

Once you no longer have the impulse to avoid conflict, it’s time to develop skills and a hefty tool box of go-to strategies for making it easier to have difficult conversations. Learning to speak our microscopic truth, with lovingkindness. How to evolve from a fear based to a compassionate communication style

SUNDAY: Cultivating Truly Authentic Relationships: How to Create a World Where You and Others Feel Safe, Loved, Nurtured, Supported and Empowered – $249/person


FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Register for any or all events by the end of August 17, 2014, and use code BIG50 to save 50% on your order.

   90-day payment plan for all full weekend registrations

OR purchase the weekend with a single payment of $947 ($473.50 if you use coupon code BIG50) and get a FREE 30 minute PERSONAL session with Paula Langguth Ryan



 Suggested Airports:

Roanoke is the closest local airport (Alliegient Air, Delta, USAirways, United and American). There are three other major airports in various directions. These include: Raleigh-Durham (Air Tran, Southwest, American, Delta, Frontier, United, USAirways); Richmond (Southwest, Delta, American, JetBlue,United and USAirways), and Charlotte (American, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, United, JetBlue, USAirways).


Suggested Lodging:

All the major chains have hotels nearby. There are also several good Bed and Breakfast options, and many wonderful hosts. Here are the closest ones with great reviews and their rates

Comfort Suites Inn @ Ridgewood Farm ($79-$129)

Hampton Inns Roanoke-Salem ($129-$155)

Black Lantern Inn ($139-$169)

Rose Hill Bed and Breakfast ($100-$125) ($40-$150 – for a private room or the entire location)