When something goes awry, how often does your brain go to the place of “someone is trying to take something from me” or “someone is doing something out of integrity?”

Even if it is just a fleeting thought.

These thoughts are a reflection of how we think about ourselves. Let me ‘splain myself.
punching bag inner conflict
These thoughts reflect where we don’t trust ourselves. We then redirect that mistrust onto someone else.

This lets us off the hook. We don’t have to delve into the darkness where these beliefs live and thrive like a hearty fungus.

Your ego counts on you being too afraid of the dark to explore these parts of your thinking.

Let me tell you something the ego doesn’t know you know (even if it too is a fleeting knowledge from time to time). You ARE the Light.

And you are already ready, willing and able to shine your Light. We just find it easier to think we AREN’T.

Here’s a perfect example from my own life this past week:
For months, every time I flipped on the side yard light by the kitchen door, I’ve gotten a bit cranky. You see, the light flashes on, and then goes out. I have jiggled it, replaced light bulbs, unscrewed and re-screwed the light bulbs and made a mental note to call and have the light fixture fixed.

Last week I flipped it on and it flashed on, then off, like usual. This time, unlike other times, I got distracted and I left the switch on. When I came back from the gym at 0’dark thirty, I opened the gate. I stepped forward toward the side door and the morning darkness was suddenly flooded with light.

Turns out the light was working just fine the whole time.

It’s motion activated.

Until I was willing to take a step forward into the darkness, the Light wasn’t visible.

Same thing is true in every area in your life. Trust yourself. Trust in your inner light and in your innate goodness.

How you see another is ALWAYS how you see yourself.

Trust yourself to be in integrity. Take the first step forward toward any place where you are now or have been out of integrity, and the whole world will be transformed.

The more you trust yourself, the more you’ll trust others!