Spiritual Mediation & Training

At Compassionate Mediators, we help faith-based organizations (churches, temples, mosques and spiritual centers) move from a Conflict Consciousness to a Compassionate Consciousness. We specialize in these areas of Faith-Based or Spiritual Mediation work:

Spiritual Leadership Training: Dissolving Core Beliefs that Hold Your Ministry Back
Spiritual Leader Financial Coaching: Help You Get Your Financial House in Order
Follow Up Boostershot: For Your Organization or Leaders

Transformational Peacekeeping, Conflict Resolution and Mediation for Faith Based Organizations
Faith-Based Mediation Skills Training

Spiritual Leadership Trainingtrue core beliefs

People often ask me what the expected outcomes are for their organization after experiencing our Spiritual Leadership Training. Here are just a few. These are ACTUAL results that organizations have experienced:

  • An organization that had depleted $30,000 in savings and taken on $8,000 in debt was completely debt-free AND had $20,000 in savings in mere months.
  • A group that had moved to a larger church became fearful about the pace of its growth. We helped them create a more positive, profitable environment, increased membership by nearly 25% in one month, and supercharged their 40 days of Thanksgiving program.
  • Attendance at one organization doubled, and tithes and offerings rose 70% during the year following their experiencing my groundbreaking Spiritual Leadership Training.
  • An organization experienced a swift, effortless and joyful resolution to a previously on-going leadership conflict.
  • An organization eliminated board contention and began manifesting unexpected gifts of all kinds simply by implementing and holding the consciousness taught in Ryan’s Seven Spiritual Rules of Order

How would you feel if ALL the following statements were true about YOUR organization?

1. Our energy is focused on discovering & obtaining true desires, not on JUST finding ways to raise money.

2. Unexpected gifts, miracles and contributions abound.


4. Our focus is always on our true desires – we avoid reacting to appearances.

5. Our team is fully focused on how our organization can be of service and help others to succeed.

6. Our leadership team no longer has an attachment to the outcome of events – we automatically see good in everything.

7. Our organization grows steadily and solidly, easily and effortlessly:

  • We receive larger amounts per person and more people give abundantly.
  • Attendance at events and services is increased.
  • Greater personal growth is achieved for all.

The above are ALL actual statements made by people who have attended Paula Langguth Ryan’s Spiritual Leadership Training.

Interested in having Paula come to conduct a one day Compassionate Mediator’s Spiritual Leadership Training for your board, minister and leaders? (Trainings are held on either Friday or Saturday, depending on your Sabbath.)

We make creating peace and prosperity affordable. Payments are based on your organization’s revenues following the training.

Are you ready to help your organization rise to the next level? If you want these types of results in YOUR organization, call 970/590-3732 to book a no-cost 20 minute telephone session with Paula to learn specifics about how Ryan’s Spiritual Leadership Training work can raise your organization to a whole new level of consciousness. Paula also offers customized keynote speeches, breakout sessions and workshops for congregations and spiritual associations worldwide.

What You Can Expect From Spiritual Leadership Training

Based on Ryan’s Seven Spiritual Rules of Order, this customized training helps you:

  • Explore a new way of communication that puts Universal principles at the forefront of everything you do, say and think.
  • Raise your organization’s prosperity consciousness and peace of mind to the highest level imaginable.
  • Dissolve resistance and embrace peace of mind, joy, clarity and loving kindness.
  • Achieve more, with greater harmony, in less time.

Most helpful for:

  • Organizations looking to increase their prosperity consciousness
  • ministries in transition (growing into a new space, experiencing a change in income or membership)
  • changes in ministerial leadership, new in-coming board members
  • creation of visioning teams, prosperity teams
  • organizations experiencing high membership or staff turnover

What your leadership team and congregation experience:

45-minute private telephone coaching sessions for each minister, board member, and support staff member (held prior to the leadership training (up to 20 people) Many sessions can be held via telephone to reduce expenses.

Day-long Spiritual Leadership Training (held Friday or Saturday for board and spiritual leadership/ministerial staff) 10am-4pm We transform the personal core beliefs that leaders bring to their leadership roles. Unworthiness, Abandonment, Lack/Limitation, Powerlessness, Guilt and Lack of Energy.

OPTIONAL sermon: The Truth About Giving and Receiving (recommended)

OPTIONAL afternoon workshop: 21 Days to a More Abundant Life (recommended)

Cost: An agreement to pay a fee equal to 10% of everything that is received by the organization during the three months (90 days) following the in-service training, plus payment of expenses upfront ($500 expense deposit reserves your date).

Expenses include: standard airfare (generally from Denver, CO) for domestic flights, business class airfare for international flights; hotel (up to four nights; prefer Hampton Inn chain) or congregation-provided housing; mid-size rental car or other transportation arrangements board (up to four days’ food stipend of $30 a day or meals provided).

Fees for any large, non-liquid gifts received by the organization following the in-service training (such as stocks, real estate and/or life estates) can be paid on a convenient annuitized payment schedule, to be determined jointly by the church and Compassionate Mediators.

Optional sermon is offered at each organization’s usual rate.

Optional workshop is offered at a suggested donation of $40 (NO ONE IS TURNED AWAY FROM ANY WORKSHOP FOR INABILITY TO PAY).

Paula Langguth Ryan agrees to donate 20% of the proceeds from the workshop and 10% of the proceeds of product sales back to the host organization.

Spiritual Leader Financial Coaching

Because of our background in prosperity-related issues, at Compassionate Mediators we have a special niche market of helping spiritual leaders get their personal house in order. Our areas of expertise include helping spiritual leaders with:

  • Breaking the pattern of always being in debt
  • Dissolving life issues that keep them indebted, including vows of poverty
  • Gaining clarity around finances
  • Handling salary negotiations with ease and grace
  • Analysis of debts, creation of debt repayment and spending plans
  • Establishment of savings, including retirement savings
  • Creation of deferred housing allowances and prudent reserves


Follow-up Booster Shots

Organizations that have completed the Spiritual Leadership Program can work through situations that arise in the course of conducting your spiritual business, through the convenience of modern technology: a group teleconference!

  • Transform specific situations that are causing roadblocks or stalemates at your board meetings
  • Diffuse tensions and meet each other in the field of all possibilities
  • Move away from our positions of right and wrong, good or bad, abundance and lack
  • Create what we want to see in the world and in our spiritual homes

Cost: An agreement to pay a fee equal to 10% of everything received by the organization in the 30 days following the Booster Shot.     If your faith-based organization is in need of mediation or peace-keeping training, please call 970/590-3732 and we can help you explore your options for conflict resolution. We provide your organization with a trained spiritual mediator who can guide you through conflicts:

  • Spiritual leader/ministerial salary negotiations
  • Conflict between congregants
  • Conflict between spiritual leader/minister and board or congregation
  • Growing pains
  • Embezzlement and other financially charged issues
  • Transition when spiritual leader/minister leaves or retires

Church Peace-Keeping, Conflict Resolution and Mediation

What’s the Difference Between Transformational Mediation and Peacekeeping?

Most faith-based “peacekeeping” and “peacemaking” programs are “after the fact” programs. They come in after the conflict has happened. After the minister has left, the congregation has split, people’s tithes have dropped; after feelings are deeply hurt, after relationships are severed and in disarray. We believe it’s far easier to create positive change if we step in BEFORE the crisis erupts completely. We build a bridge between conflicted parties so they can find a common path, focus on common interests and shared values and create a comfortable space for the unfolding of whatever changes need to take place, in a way that works for all involved – the minister, rabbi, imam or spiritual leader, the board or elders, and the congregation or members. Conflict is a two sided coin. Instead of heads or tails, the two sides of conflict are crisis or opportunity. It’s the difference between seeing your congregation as going through a split versus going through a spin off. What does your faith-based community say conflict is? And what does it say the response to that conflict should be? At Compassionate Mediators, we help you reframe what conflict at your place of worship looks and feels like, from a place of faith and not fear. We help you build a constructive, balanced relationship between the parties, using compassionate communication to move from staunch positions to common interests. At Compassionate Mediators, we’ve worked with or consulted on faith-based mediations for nearly 20 different denominations and faiths.

A Course in Miracles Non-denominational Christian
Apostolic Pentocostal
Buddhist Religious Science
Evangelical Science of Mind
Hindu Southern Baptist
Interfaith Unitarian
Jewish United Church of Christ
Methodist Unity
Muslim Wicca

We’ve found that having a universal approach gives us greater leeway in meeting people where they are on their journey. We easily adapt to the language that resonates best with the group we’re working with. Seeing the Oneness of all people gives us room to honor completely the way a group worships. We subscribe to this creed: “Many paths, many names, One God. God is Love.”

Let Compassionate Mediators Help You Create

  • A strategic plan for your ministry
  • Realistic expectations
  • Good rapport
  • Common culture
  • Balance of power
  • Time for flow of process
  • Safe place to vent emotions
  • Opportunities to gather standardized information
  • Agreement

Church Peace-Keeping, Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Call 970/590-3732 for a free assessment of your faith-based organization’s current needs regarding conflict resolution and mediation and a determination of the best approach and fee structure for your organization. Payment plans are available.

Compassionate Mediators is proud to present a special 90 minute conversation with Rev. Anita Pathik Law interviewing Rev. Paula Langguth Ryan, founder of the Spiritual Mediation Training program. How to Resolve, Dissolve and End Any Conflict Easily and Effortlessly. For more information on Paula’s upcoming Spiritual Mediation Training, as well as other spiritual mediation programs we offer, call 970/590-3732 or email paula@paulalangguthryan.com

Faith-Based Certified Spiritual Mediator Skills Training

Interested in helping raise the consciousness at spiritual organizations? Get trained as a Certified Spiritual Mediator:

  • Develop the skills to be a Spiritual Mediator
  • Guide leadership through salary negotiations
  • Mediate minister/board/congregation conflicts
  • Lead organizations through prosperous transitions when the congregation is splitting, moving to a new building, growing, shrinking, or when a spiritual leader leaves or arrives.

This training is extremely intense. To provide for personalized attention, only 7 spots are available at any given training. Contact Compassionate Mediators directly at 970/590-3732 to determine whether or not this training is right for you. A brief intake interview will be conducted and a private session with Paula Langguth Ryan will be held prior to you attending the training.

Who can benefit from becoming a Certified Spiritual Mediator:

  • New or established mediators looking to mediate conflicts in spiritual and faith-based settings
  • Regional and National Leadership in your denomination
  • And anyone looking to contribute to worldwide peace

Call 970-590-3732 or email Paula@paulalangguthryan.com if you’re interested in attending this training and reserving your spot.

What to Expect From Spiritual Transformative Mediation

The deepest conflict transformation we seek is within and with ourselves – to renew and restore our connection with that Divine Presence, whatever name you give it — God, Spirit, Jesus, our Beloved, Allah, Shekinah… Any chaos and violence we see in the world is a mirror of our inner chaos and violence – our inner belief that we are separate from our Divinity. The quality of our lives – and the level of peace in the world – depends on our ability to cultivate inner peace. The effort it takes to get to peace is inversely proportionate to the level of our willingness. The more willing we are, the less effort it takes. For 15 years, this has been my mantra – the transformative mediation work that I’ve shared with churches and other spiritual organizations worldwide. My goal is to create peace before there is any outer conflict. In that process, I work to give people the skills to:

  • diffuse tensions and meet each other in the field of all possibilities
  • move away from our positions of right and wrong, good or bad, abundance and lack
  • create what we want to see in the world and in our spiritual homes

I teach others to “do what I do”:

  • Hold the highest consciousness for others
  • Prepare yourself mentally to come from LOVE and not FEAR
  • Clear issues of unworthiness, feelings of not being good enough and other issues that often get in the way when mediating
  • Develop your Transformative Spiritual Mediation skills
  • Build a spiritual mediation practice (no, not mediTation – mediAtion)

Ryan’s Spiritual Rules of Order are the foundation, the stepping stones, of the training and your own personal transformation. You will develop a variety of skills and tools to help you guide spiritual groups and leadership through whatever is coming up for them, in conflicts of varying sizes and intensity. You will be awarded a certificate of completion as a Certified Spiritual Mediator following the completion of your mediation training. To register for the next Spiritual Mediation Training: call 970/590-3732.