Spring is in the air! New growth is happening all over the place. Are you ready for some inner growth? If you’re finding yourself stuck in self-judgment from time to time, questioning past decisions and choices, try on this month’s affirmation from the new www.CatherinePonderBooks.com website:


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LIVE RADIO IN CALIFORNIA AND VIRTUAL ONLINE: Mari Smith’s Prescriptions for Healing Conflict radio show this Monday… March 26, 8:30-9:00am PT, KUCI 88.9 FM in Irvine, CA and audio streaming on www.KUCI.org.

LIVE IN NASHVILLE: Restoring The Flow talk (11am CT) and Why Not Now? The Secrets to Getting the Goals You Set workshop (1-4pm CT); Unity Church for Positive Living, 4319 Saundersville Road, Old Hickory, TN 37138.

LIVE IN DENVER: (Mile Hi Church, 9077 W. Alameda Avenue, Lakewood, Colorado 80226) Cultivating Divine Contentment: How Your Definition of God Keeps You From Playing BIG! (Friday, October 12 7-9pm MT), and 21 Days to a More Abundant Life! Your Guided Tour to Increased Health, Wealth, Peace, Joy, Time, Energy, Love, Clarity and Wisdom (Saturday, October 13, 9am-noon MT).

The Conflict Free Zone radio show every weekday 8:30-9am ET on www.blogtalkradio.com/conflictfreezone! This coming Friday we’ll be airing an interview with legendary sports authority/agent Leigh Steinberg (the role model for Jerry McGuire).

10 MINUTE PROSPERITY TOOL: Why I’m an Early Riser
Most of my friends know that I’m, well, an early riser. That is probably putting it mildly. I like to bolt out of bed well before the crack of dawn. Usually sometime between 3am and 5am my eyes pop open. I used to fight it, cover my head with the pillow, toss and turn and try to fall back asleep. But one day, I decided not to even try fighting it. Resistance is futile and all that. So I soundlessly slipped out of bed. That morning, my perspective on life changed forever.… (Read more)

CONFLICT DISSOLUTION: Just When You Thought Your Buttons Couldn’t Get Pushed…
What triggers you to lose your cool? Where do you find your buttons get pushed the most? When do you cross the line between rational and irrational? And how can you learn to handle unexpected conflicts in your life with more ease and grace? Join us weekdays Monday-Friday at 8:30am ET for 30 minutes and transform your life into a Conflict Free Zone. Click below to listen to last month’s top episode of The Conflict Free Zone Radio show (Listen) where the theme was financial conflicts.

Whether your conflict is an inner or outer concern, you can get resolution quickly. A 30 minute session could be all you need to get a new view on an old conflict. See for yourself how effective a session can be. Check out the audio of Instantly Dissolve Conflicts on www.PaulaLangguthRyan.com/freestuff.

CATHERINE PONDER BOOK EXCERPT: Increasing Economic Demands Call for an Expanded Prosperity Consciousness (from Millionaires of Genesis)
“I have figured out an easy way to become a millionaire. Please pray that one million people will send me one dollar each,” someone wrote.

People often think as did this person: That wealth can come to them only when other people and conditions respond to them. However, the secret of wealth is that it begins within your own thoughts and feelings. Through the deliberate action of your mind, you can develop a millionaire consciousness that will lead you to literal wealth as well as to increased abundance in all phases of your life.

It is appropriate that the millionaires of Genesis show you how this can be done because the world “genesis” means “to begin,” “to initiate action,” “to take the first step” or “to get something going.”

An expanded prosperity consciousness is a necessity in this age of increasing economic demands. Rising prices, “inflationary recessions,” and uncertain political and economic world conditions are all indications that we must raise and expand our consciousness to a new level of universal supply. The ancient millionaires in this book show you how to… (Read more)

FINANCIAL RECOVERY: Tips for Getting People to Pay Past Due Bills
Ever have a client fail to pay a bill? I once actually had a bankruptcy attorney order a large book order and then go bankrupt! Now, most clients and customers who are late on payments aren’t going to go bankrupt on you. But they may be having challenges that are preventing them from paying. The WORST thing you can do is to… (Read more)

A friend of mine is going through a divorce. It’s not always a pretty process. In fact, the feelings of both parties are bouncing wildly from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other. Anger, sadness, love, grief. It’s all there. Sometimes all in a single sentence in fact. The desire to lash out swirls with the desire to extend love and move through the transition with ease and grace. As in most high-conflict situations, we have opportunities in each moment to come from a place of love or come from a place of fear. It’s a fine line and one that often seems hard to balance, especially when our own buttons get pushed. One thing that I’ve found makes it easier to stand in love even in the midst of a high conflict situation is to… (read more)

FEATURED TRANSFORMER TOOL: How to Create Supercharged Intentions that Effortlessly Manifest – $22.25 (CD or instant download)
In this 75-minute studio recording, Paula shares specific strategies for supercharging your intentions, helping you design your OWN super-charged intention for something you want to be, do or have in the next 30 days. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that it’s something you desire — and that you’re willing to let go of your fears of not having it the way you want it!

The job of my dreams came to me effortlessly!! “I set the intention to find my right and perfect job and it came to me — completely effortlessly. This job has EVERYTHING I ever wanted in a job!” — Linda D., Maryland

Results came in mere hours! “I just received a phone call from a franchisee who has previously said he could not buy my franchise. He had been thinking about it during this weekend and decided it was too good a deal to pass up. We are to close on 3/12. The balance to me will pay off $14,000 of debt from the business. I feel so free.” — Gloria H., in Tennessee

Became a homeowner within a month!! “I never thought I could own a home with all my student loan debt. One month later, I found myself signing a contract to buy my very first home — and was even unexpectedly gifted money to cover my closing costs!” – Bob G., in Illinois

You’re invited to discover, as these people have, how to:
•    enjoy increased financial stability and security
•    revitalize (or manifest) greater profits in your career
•    create more loving relationships
•    effortlessly draw to you the clients or new business or new job of your dreams
•    boost your energy and health
•    …and create anything else you desire in your life.
(read more)

PARTING WORDS: May you always remember these words as true…
There is such joy in simply being present to the beautiful delights of the day. To exploring and chasing and tasting the wonders and delights of each day. Today, embrace the Allness. Embrace the sadness and the joy, the laughter and the tears. Fully experience all the freedom that comes with extending love in this and every moment. Choose to play. Choose to dance. Choose to live today with wild abandon knowing you cannot be hurt. You cannot lose. You cannot fail.

Peace and prosperity,
Paula Langguth Ryan

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