Inner Transformation E-Magazine
Bring the pieces of your life together with Peace

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Formerly known as “The Art of Abundance,” Paula Langguth Ryan’s Inner Transformation E-Magazine is a monthly lighthearted guide for changing your inner beliefs so they align with your outer strategies.  She offers practical and metaphysical tips and insights for every area of your life.

It’s like sitting down to share a latte with Paula each month and getting clarity about the issues that are most pressing on your mind right now.

Each issue is packed with concrete strategies and instant tools to help you:

  • Create financial security
  • Increase your comfort level around wealth
  • Awaken to your true power as a Magnificent Manifesting Force in the Universe (MMF)
  • Transform inner and outer conflicts in your life with ease and grace
  • Develop skills you can call on time and again when issues push your buttons
  • Remember your Oneness with all that Is
  • Break free from old patterns, habits and thinking
  • Develop inner balance
  • Unleash your confident, powerful, focused Light

Our lives have become so compartmentalized.  It’s time for a new publication that helps bring all the pieces together. Which is why Paula’s doing a complete revitalized transformation of her publication.

Every monthly issue of Paula Langguth Ryan’s Inner Transformation E-Magazine includes tips and strategies from 7 “Transformers.” In a quick and easy read, you’ll discover the inner power you need to help you transform the anxiety and unease (or even dis-ease) in your life into peace and grace, harmony, greater focus and abundance in all areas. Imagine having an entire team on your side dedicated to helping you own and strengthen areas of you that you see as powerless. I’m talking about a team who offers you sage advice, quick booster shots and occasionally sits down with you over coffee to share personal stories that will help raise you to new levels of success in your life.

Our featured “Transformer” departments are:

  • Conflict Dissolver
  • Consciousness Raiser
  • Fear Buster
  • Health Enhancer
  • Peace of Mind Cultivator
  • Wealth Builder
  • Spiritual Booster

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