Whether Your Life Is Better or Worse After Bankruptcy Depends on Who You Talk To…

I’m heart-broke over the growing number of people who find themselves in debt again after bankruptcy. Last year, more than 1.5 million people went bankrupt. And two-thirds of them will be back in debt again within 12 months. I know what I’m talking about because I’ve been there myself. I was $3,000 in debt again less than a year after bankruptcy and I vowed to find a way to break  that cycle – and then teach others to do the same!

I know how devastating and frustrating it can be to find yourself worse off after bankruptcy. Whether this has already happened to you or you just fear slipping back into that scary place, you may be wondering:

* Does bankruptcy have to be a 10-year mistake?

* Is there a way to stop making financial mistakes once and for all? (You can start down the right path by knowing which creditors and “after bankruptcy” experts to pick – and which to avoid!) Easy, quick new credit isn’t usually the best way to go.

Read on to find out WHICH creditors and experts will actually help you rebuild your life.

Let’s face it, we are all afraid of making the same bad money choices again and again.

If you’ve ever wished you had someone to turn to for answers to all your questions about what to expect after bankruptcy, I have good news for you. Now you do!

–>Get Real Answers about Life After Bankruptcy, from the woman
who wrote the book about life after bankruptcy

(Even listen to her advice!)

My name is Paula Langguth Ryan, and I wrote THE book about life after bankruptcy. Seriously. I’m the author of the most widely-read book on recovery after bankruptcy, Bounce Back From Bankruptcy (4th edition). I wrote this book to help people just like you get a financial fresh start. The book has sold hundreds of thousands of copies and is now in its 4th Edition.

This 262-page book is the best-selling book for recovery after bankruptcy. At $19.95, it’s also the most affordable choice! And if you don’t even think you can afford $19.95, you can get the basic details in my FREE Credit After Bankruptcy 48-page report. to start you out right. And to help you avoid the so called “experts” whose advice will only get you BACK into debt so deep that you may have to declare bankruptcy again!

“The most important book we’ve seen on rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy.”
– Nationally syndicated radio show hosts Ken and Daria Dolan

Attorney Mark F. Scurti
“Thank you for forwarding me a copy of your wonderful publication.  I read it and really was impressed. I have your book on my desk propped up to show my clients that they truly can ‘Bounce Back from  Bankruptcy.’ My best to you and Congratulations on a job well done!”

Purchased a car two weeks after discharge!
“Thank you for writing a book that was very helpful. I considered it my bankruptcy bible. Two weeks after the discharge [of my bankruptcy] I purchased a Toyota Camry with financing from Toyota Motor Credit! Before my bankruptcy was even discharged, I received an unsecured credit card. This book is full of useful information to re-establish your credit. My next project is to purchase a home in [nine months]. I’ll keep you posted.” — Sandra D., Pennsylvania

“This book has saved my sanity!”
“Having recently filed for bankruptcy, I’ve been constantly worried about re-building my credit, buying a home, even looking for a job. Ms. Langguth Ryan’s book provides step-by-step advice on how to obtain and correct your credit reports, re-establish your credit, and get out of debt for good. The chapter on credit cards alone is worth the cost of the book. She provides not only names and addresses of banks that issue secured credit cards, but she provides such information as: minimum requirements, minimum deposit, interest yield on deposit, credit limits, length of time until card can go unsecured, application/annual fees, grace period, and interest rates. Plus, she has verified that each of these cards WILL show up on your credit report, without indication that they are secured. She provides names, addresses, phone numbers, who to contact, what exactly to write (form letters are included in the book). I only wish I could give her a hug! If you’re even considering bankruptcy, buy this book–you won’t regret it.”

See why others rave about Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy!

Bounce Back From Bankruptcy, 4th edition walks you step-by-step through the process of getting back on your financial feet after bankruptcy. In this book, you’ll find:

  • Painless ways to pay off your undischarged debts
  • Create a new financial blueprint by healing your relationship with money
  • The only credit cards that help you rebuild your credit (to find out the most “popular” credit cards after bankruptcy, check out my reviews of Credit One Bank and First Premier Bank
  • Step-by-step legal and ethical strategies to help you clean up your credit report
  • Sample letters to force creditors to take action – in your favor
  • How to avoid job discrimination after bankruptcy
  • The most common credit repair scams – and how to avoid them
  • Smartest ways to get a new car – with or without credit
  • How to rent, buy or refinance your home after bankruptcy
  • How to buy plane tickets, rent cars or hotel rooms without credit
  • What to do if you get in over your head again!
  • Fool-proof plan for breaking the debt cycle -for good!
  • Complete strategies for avoiding, stopping or recovering from identity theft
  • Complete Table of Contents Available Here!

Are you ready to transform your life by finally getting your finances on track?

I am so thoroughly convinced that you will be delighted with the results of this book, that I’m offering a 1-YEAR BETTER THAN RISK FREE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! If your life isn’t significantly better after implementing the advice in this book, just contact me within 1 year of your purchase date and I will refund your entire purchase price.

Get started RIGHT NOW getting back on track financially.

Bounce Back From Bankruptcy 4th edition now available as an E-Book!

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Here’s to YOUR financial future,

Paula Langguth Ryan
Odenton, Maryland


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