Give someone you love the gift of peace of mind this holiday season

So powerful, so incredible; so much healing
“Paula, I just listened to your Face to Face CD the whole way through while being awake (after having listened to it repeatedly while falling asleep). I can’t even believe how much beneficial, incredible information is condensed into one CD. You’re saying it all. It’s so powerful, so incredible; so much healing there. Why isn’t Hay House or some other publisher like that publishing this? Hay House should be publishing your stuff. You MUST send this to Hay House, immediately. Wowie, Zowie!”
– – Kris Yockum, Tampa, FL

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Amazing impact on someone with autism
“My step-sister has autism and likes to listen to music on her CD player when she’s taking her afternoon nap and when she goes to bed. One day, she was staying at my house and had forgotten her CD player, so I lent her mind, with the Face to Face CD in it. She refuses to listen to anything else anymore. When she puts the earphones on, and your soothing voice starts talking, she takes a deep breath and says, “Ah, relax…”

A few weeks after she began listening to the CD, we were walking to the state fair. As the sidewalk began getting crowded, my step-sister stopped walking. Crowds usually make her very nervous. She took a deep breath and I steeled myself for her reaction. “Ah, relax,” she said – and we continued on our way.

If this CD has this type of impact on someone with autism, just imagine what impact it will have on the rest of us! I think we have created something amazing here and I pray that we’re able to reach a wider audience who can experience these benefits for themselves.” – Renelle West

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