What an interesting first half of 2011 it’s been. I apologize for pulling a disappearing act on you. Things got busy here as word got out I “un-retired” from speaking and as the Conflict Free Zone daily radio show began to take off! I’m back now and here for you every month with a new issue. This month, I’ve got a lively collection of articles, videos, and upcoming appearances to share with you.

An interesting theme’s emerging: Giving. Go figure. The secret of a prosperous life is out. Whether you’re looking to build your business, recover from a financial situation like bankruptcy or foreclosure, or if you’re just looking to improve your “fulfillment quotient”, give yourself the gift of investing 15 minutes in reading this issue and taking action (internally or externally) on something that resonates with you.

For starters, on Sunday July 10, join me for Restoring the Flow. The talk is streamed worldwide at ( You can catch it live at 11am MT (or in person 9am or 11am MT at Unity of Boulder Church in Boulder, CO). We crashed their server the last time I spoke there and they challenged me to see if we could do it again! You with me?

If you can’t catch me that date, and you’re willing to travel to Longmont, CO, I’ll be doing my most powerful talk (The Truth About Giving and Receiving) and workshop (21 Days to a More Abundant Life) at Unity of Longmont on Sunday August 21. Talk is at 10:30; workshop is on a love offering basis from 1-4pm. (Can’t make the event LIVE? You can still enjoy the workshop. A previously recorded version is available as instant download mp3s and pdf files OR as a 2-CD and workbook set at

Betwixt and between those two dates, I’ve got two TV shows airing if you’re in Las Vegas. Sunday July 17 and July 24 at 9:30am, tune into Channel 13 and catch me on the Stress Free Finance show with Anthony Deluca. Joel Osteen is my opening act and Christiane Amanpour closes for me. Not bad company, eh?

There’s one more public event you can catch me at if you’re a business leader – the Visionary Leaders Breakthrough tele-event which starts July 12 and runs through August 6. You can get a free pass to all 24 sessions. Details at If you decide to upgrade to a VIP pass to get the free bonuses, use the code BREAKTHROUGH. It gives you an added bonus of a free personal 30-minute transforming fear or conflict dissolving coaching session with moi. Details on upcoming events and public appearances (together with info on my new Overcoming Conflict Avoidance series)

But enough about me… let’s talk about you!

FEATURED PROSPERITY TOOL: Declare Your Independence

CONFLICT DISSOLUTION: Not Feeling Like You’re Doing Enough?

ON A POSITIVE NOTE: Give Something Away Today, by Victoria Moran AND Giving is Important video by Greg Whittaker

FINANCIAL RECOVERY: Q&A Getting a Loan After Bankruptcy; Are Your Finances Anybody Else’s Business?; Identify What You Want and Reduce Your Expenses Effortlessly

SPIRITUAL ENRICHMENT/TITHING: What Do You Want to Experience Today?

PAULA IN THE NEWS: Live and in person, on TV or virtual, you can find events with me at

FEATURED PROSPERITY TOOL: Declare Your Independence

My United States subscribers just celebrated Independence Day and South Sudan has just declared its independence. Today, I encourage you to celebrate Inner Independence Day, with this special Declaration of Inner Independence:

I declare my independence from all inner thoughts of lack and limitation. I release all past thoughts of abandonment, unworthiness and powerlessness. I embrace my inner strength, courage, love, light, abundance and joy. I declare that nothing and no one can stand between me and my good because nothing and no one stands between me and the Infinite Power of the Universe. I hold these truths to be self evident – that I am one with all that is and all that ever will be, that I am open and receptive to seeing the good in all things and that I am ready, willing and able to step forward in faith and take positive action toward creating the life I truly desire, today and every day.

Declare the above daily, or any time your ego tries to convince you that you are enslaved to past beliefs, thoughts and circumstances. You’ll be amazed at the results. Our minds are powerful tools. If you spent as much time filling your mind with the above thoughts as you do filling your mind with thoughts that belittle yourself or keep you tied to the past, you’d find yourself changing the circumstances in your life. You’d be moving forward, ever forward, toward the life you truly desire. Nothing in your past defines who you are today. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. The only thing that matters today is what you’re going to choose in THIS now moment.

CONFLICT DISSOLUTION: Not Feeling Like You’re Doing Enough?

The other day, a client shared that she was feeling a sense of overwhelm. There was so much to do and she was beating herself up every time she took any time off to rest and rejuvenate. Do you have guilt around what is or isn’t getting done in your life? Whenever I get to the point where I feel like I’ve got too much to do and not enough time to do it in I stop and consider the following.

Anyone can juggle one ball. You can, so can I. We can also usually juggle two balls, especially if we have two good hands. Years ago, I had a desire to learn how to juggle, so I bought a set of red and black juggling balls and I can juggle three items, usually with ease. But if you add a fourth ball, forget about it. I haven’t mastered that skill just yet. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done. The Pearl Street Mall here in Boulder is filled with street performers who can easily juggle four, five, six, even ten items at a time with ease and grace. It’s just not my skill set at this moment. Our egos want to beat us up for what OTHERS can do that we seem unable to do. I’ve got a better idea.  READ MORE

ON A POSITIVE NOTE: Give Something Away Today; excerpted from Living a Charmed Life, by Victoria Moran

[Editor’s note: Victoria Moran, noted author and speaker attended one of the last 21 Days to a More Abundant Life Workshops I conducted before I retired from speaking. I love her sense of humor and I thought you might enjoy this article!]

The process of going around and coming around is sweet and sure.

My friend Sherry and I drove five hours each way to attend a seminar on enlarging our prosperity consciousness. The presenter was Paula Langguth Ryan, who has devised a twenty-one-day program in which participants are to become so positive it would disgust mere mortals. One of Paula’s action steps asks attendees to give something away every day during the three-week period. I found the practice to be so freeing that I’ve kept it up. In fact, I hope that when I die it will be in the afternoon or evening, so that even on my final day on earth I’ll have had the chance to give something away.

Back in the ‘60’s, some hippie philosopher advised people to “go with the flow,” but nobody ever said what this *flow* was. I figured it out through the exercise of giving something away every single day: the flow is giving, giving and receiving. When I give without expecting a return (or even a thank you), I keep the channels open for the flow of good to come to me and through me back out into the world.

If you find this intriguing, try it today. What you give is entirely up to you. Maybe it’s something of yours that someone else really likes. Years ago, my friend Alima had an eye-catching wall hanging that said, “When you’re being run out of town on a rail, get in front of the crowd and make it look like a parade.” After I’d commented on it the second or third time, she turned around, took it from its hook on the wall, and said, “It’s yours.” I was thrilled and I enjoyed its cheerful colors and gutsy message hanging across from my desk for quite some time.

Then someone I cared about, the minister at my church, whose sermons always spoke to me and whose caring had brought me through quite a bit, came upon hard times himself. Powerful members of the board wanted his resignation because they thought he was doing too much work for peace (no kidding) and they disapproved of his warmly welcoming gay and lesbian members into the congregation. He was, literally, being run out of town on a rail. When it became obvious that he and his wife would indeed be moving to a church in another part of the country, I knew I had to give that wall hanging to this man who had inspired me to live a bigger life.

It gave him a rueful chuckle, and he told me he would take it with him to his new post. I don’t know what happened to it after that. He probably gave it to someone else. This process of going around and coming around is sweet and sure. My role in the biography of the wall hanging is not where that little piece of mass-produced art is today, however, but what happened in my soul when Alima gave it to me and again when I passed it on.

Maybe what you have to give right now is something that is still getting you compliments, like those Alima’s wall hanging elicited from me. Or maybe it’s something that’s just taking up space in your house but that someone else could put to good use. You might be moved to give money, even if that means postponing a purchase for yourself. Or perhaps what you have to give is intangible but just as real as a coat you could take from your closet or a bill you could take from your wallet: some minutes of your time, information you have to share, or instruction you can offer. It all counts.

During those initial three weeks of conscious giving, I wrote down the first thing I gave away each day to be sure I wouldn’t forget. It started a habit that has resulted in less excess to contend with and more access to both the solid and ethereal accoutrements of a charmed life.

[Victoria Moran is the author of ten books. She’s a motivational speaker specializing in inspiration, wellness and personal growth. She’s a certified life coach specializing in spiritual-life coaching and holistic health counseling. To learn more about Victoria’s work or get a copy of her free tip sheet “How to Look Great and Feel Amazing at Every Age,” visit]

Giving is Important Video by Greg Whittaker

Check out this video by “debt shepherd” Greg Whittaker. He was sweet enough to send me the link and let me know he mentions Giving Thanks! Subscribe to his feed if you’re guided.

FINANCIAL RECOVERY: Q&A Getting a Loan After Bankruptcy

Dear Paula:

I filed bankruptcy four months ago. I just tried to get a small loan to start a small part time business and was turned down. They said it had to do with my credit report. Shouldn’t it say I filed? I don’t know what to do at this point. I kept both of my cars and pay them on time and have not created any more debt AT ALL. Could you please help me fix the problem? The loan I wanted was for $ 2500. Thanks, Natalie T.

Dear Natalie:

Congratulations on wanting to start your own business. The challenge with getting a small business loan that quickly after your bankruptcy is that personal loans like this are unsecured. Meaning the creditor doesn’t have any security if you don’t pay the loan back. Your car loans are secured by the cars – if you don’t pay, the creditors can repossess them. I see several options for you to consider. First, rather than getting back into debt again for your business (one of the main reasons people wind up going bankrupt is because they financed their business with credit cards!), I recommend saving the $2,500 instead. Saving just $250 a month you’d have the entire $2500 saved within a year. Then you can start your business debt-free. Second, you may want to apply for one of the secured credit cards I recommend in Bounce Back From Bankruptcy. The ones I recommend don’t report the secured status so you’ll actually start to rebuild your credit more than you would with the secured debts of the car loans.

Are Your Finances Anybody Else’s Business?

The Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan got a rude awakening on-air when a co-star brought up her flailing finances, money mistakes and bankruptcy filing. Sonja’s heartbreak was clear – as was her statement that her finances are her business.

While her creditors might disagree, there is some big truth to what Sonja Morgan said. Her finances ARE her business. AND at the same time, they’re not. Sometimes the shame around a financial choice keeps us from looking at our financial relationship with clear eyes, or keeps us from being honest with others, or keeps us from taking the next right step toward having a healthy relationship with money. That’s when our finances SHOULD be someone else’s business. Usually, that’s when your finances become my business, especially if you’re looking to improve the relationship you have with money or trying to decide whether or not bankruptcy is the best choice for you. READ MORE

EIdentify What You Want and Reduce Your Expenses Effortlessly

[Editor’s Note: Ken Knouse, a longtime colleague and author of True Prosperity, has a wonderful blog called LiveOnCash ( and I’m delighted to be his first guest blogger! Check out the special article I wrote for him on how getting clear on what you truly want can actually reduce your expenses! Read it and leave a comment for me!]

How did our parents or grandparents pay for their goals with cash, before credit existed?  Once their level of savings increased to the point where they could increase their standard of living, they bought what they desired using cash.  Oprah Winfrey once featured a man on her show who had saved up more than $55,000  READ MORE

SPIRITUAL ENRICHMENT/TITHING: What Do You Want to Experience Today?

Every time I wake, it seems like my ego is right there wanting to hand me a script of how to feel today based on old beliefs, old stories, bits and pieces of information it has gathered as if they are meaningful facts. I breathe and bring my attention to what I truly desire. I allow the feeling to move through me, flow in and through and out again so I can remember who I am. Love is all I am. What’s mine to do today? What do I want to experience today?

Joy. Peace. A sense of connectedness. A sense of being fully and completely loved. Focused, energized, confident, athletic, strong from within, my core power. I want to experience flow, a gentle movement through the day, an appreciation of the work I do. I want to experience a sense of style, a sense of connection to my audience, a sense of Spirit moving in and through and as me to provide helpful guidance and information to me and to them. I want to experience a sense of perfect clarity and crispness in my writing, moving everything forward with ease and grace.

I share God’s will for my happiness now. I give my relationships to the Holy Spirit to use for his purposes. Unexpected financial windfalls come to me now I open to the truth of who I am. I am willing to accept and embrace my Divine Inheritance now. I release all attachment to the form anything takes in my life. I step out in faith to follow my Divine Guidance. I am willing to remember that I am loveable. I am willing to remember that I am enough – good enough, have enough, do enough. I am willing to embrace these truths about myself. I am grateful for everything that IS.

I embrace the sense that I am moving my life forward, playing big, enjoying the company of friends, fully centered on my business, my life. Peace clarity, energy, divine guidance, self-centeredness, playfulness envelope me as I completely honor myself and who I Am. I move forward, reclaiming my wholeness, fully aware of and in my body space, fully aware of my Divine Connection and Flow. Grace, ease, joy, laughter, light.

What do I want to experience today? An amazing experience of YESness. A sense of clarity, peace, forward motion. An opening to the enjoyment of the fullness of my life. A sense of focus. A sense of balance and openheartedness. A sense of remembering, an awakening and tapping into my Divine Source, my Divine Self, to move forward and be of service in the best ways I can to the people whose lives I am touching. I boldly step into what’s mine to do. I come from a place of centered connection, one with Spirit, to create with my thoughts all I desire to experience today. Thank you God, for your creativity flowing in, and through and as me, today.

This is what I desire to experience today – and what I desire for you. Own it for yourself. And let me know how your life is transformed!

Peace and prosperity,

Paula Langguth Ryan

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