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10 MINUTE PROSPERITY TOOL: Shifting from Limitless to Illimitable

Is being “limitless” good enough? Or is there something we’ve been missing in our desire to live a No Limits life? “Limitless” to me always had a sense of duality… that we were striving to somehow throw off or move beyond the “limits” we had placed on ourselves or others. This gnawed at me for years, until recently, when… (Read more)

CONFLICT DISSOLUTION: The Conflicts Around Change In Your Life

Mad about Facebook forcing you to change to the timeline, or is another change bothering you today? We’ll explore why change creates inner and outer conflict in our lives, why change brings up our fears, why it’s sometimes challenging to embrace change, how we can reduce the stress of change and how to use change as a positive catalyst rather than as a conflict-inducing fuse. Click below to listen to this week’s top episode of The Conflict Free Zone Radio show: (Listen)

Whether your conflict is an inner or outer concern, you can get resolution quickly. A 30 minute session could be all you need to get a new view on an old conflict. See for yourself how effective a session can be. Check out the audio of Instantly Dissolve Conflicts on www.PaulaLangguthRyan.com/freestuff.

CATHERINE PONDER BOOK EXCERPT: Healing Secrets of the Ages

I once knew a lady who looked 20 years younger than she actually was. She worked long hours in a demanding profession; yet she was never sick, had tremendous energy, and met both physical and emotional demands that would have overwhelmed the average person. Her secret? She regularly retired to her bedroom at the end of each day, relaxed her body, and “baptized” her 12 mind powers, especially calling forth “strength.” As you deliberately activate your 12 mind powers, releasing their energy into the entire body, you will find… (Read more)

FINANCIAL RECOVERY: When Can a Credit Counselor Help if Your Business is Deep in Debt?

The biggest problem with debt when you’re a business owner is how much of your time and energy gets sapped worrying about money. When the big boys get bogged down with debt, they strategize. And they take action. Sometimes a radical solution is necessary, like a business restructuring (Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy). Other times, working with a credit counselor may be all you need. Credit counselors can help you… (Read more)

SPIRITUAL ENRICHMENT: Why We Feel Discontented

Ever wonder why you feel discontented? Picture a circle. You are this circle. You are all the space in the middle of the circle, One with all that is. Each of us is. That’s just who we are. From our place of Oneness, we decide we want to experience something. Sometimes, what we want to experience is an extension of who we are (Love, Light, Joy, Laughter, Kindness, Generosity). And sometimes we want to experience something we’re not. Let’s say we decide we want to experience… (read more)

FEATURED TRANSFORMER TOOL: Vibrational Language of Prosperity

http://www.paulalangguthryan.com/shop/vibrational-language/ $79

This 45-minute video presentation and workbook walks you step-by-step through the transformation needed to put you in the flow so you’re creating what you truly desire in your life and in the world around you. Discover the secrets that Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Lillian Vernon and countless others have used in their everyday world to make a difference and leave a legacy that created positive change in the world.

Imagine being so overflowing with joy and love for life that nothing seems impossible. This can be YOUR reality, if you choose to let it be! (read more)

“Thanks a million for such an empowering prosperity workshop. As a student of Truth and an avid reader of abundance books for many years, I can honestly say that you have helped me to finally put the pieces of the puzzle together. I now understand how and why I have stood in the way of my own success.” — J.E.T., in Virginia

“I am sending you this tithe in appreciation and gratitude for your loving service in keeping the high watch for our prosperity consciousness. You have definitely touched my soul and inspired me to keep practicing prosperity principles. I am grateful for your role in opening my mind and heart to the infinite possibilities of spirit and love.” — Susan P., Maryland


PARTING WORDS: May you always remember these words as true…

I know it’s hard to feel adrift, personally and professionally. Home is truly where the heart is. And your heart is so big and gentle – be big and gentle with yourself, okay? Don’t let the details overwhelm you. Breathe. Remember who you are and that this isn’t about you – it’s about something greater than you. And it’s not FOR whatever you think it is for. It’s just a grand adventure you’re on. A grand adventure we’re all on. You are soooo freakin’ amazing. Human, sure, and still amazing. Sooooo…Get your butt out in nature. Get your knees on the ground, get your heart centered on God and Gratitude and get clear on what you want to create. Be happy. Now. Love yourself – unconditionally. You are at home. You are safe. And you are loved.

Peace and prosperity,

Paula Langguth Ryan

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