Welcome to Day 9 of our 30 day celebration of the 5th Anniversary of
Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing, by Paula Langguth Ryan – where we’re answering 30 questions about tithing!

Hi Paula,

Thank you so much for writing your books on bankruptcy and tithing. I have them both and have read them repeatedly- especially Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing. I appreciate your honest and detailed description of how and why to tithe, it has been enormously helpful to me.

For the past two weeks I’ve been filling out the Daily Prosperity Tracker and am having trouble assigning a dollar value to things like “Improved Relationships”, “Kindness from Others”, “Peace of Mind” etc. Any tips for how to determine a monetary value for those? Thanks again – your materials have been a blessing to me! – Michele G.

Dear Michele,

Many thanks for your kind words about my books! When assigning monetary values to things, I use what I think it is worth to me at the time. Kindness from someone when I’m having a bad day is sometimes worth a million dollars to me! It really starts to put things in perspective when you assign a value to things – and helps you see where that value fluctuates depending on what is going on in your world! Gives you a chance to take healing your relationship with money to a whole new level, doesn’t it?

Peace and prosperity,

Paula Langguth Ryan

Spiritually fed by my work? Tithes and offerings are gratefully accepted and passed on to do additional good work in this world. You can easily tithe online by sending a tax-deductible tithe via paypal to my ministry at The Village Gathering. Just send it to tammie@artofabundance.com; or if you prefer to send your gift via mail:

Paula Langguth Ryan
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Please remember our work in your legacy as well – or when you’re doing your tax planning! When making donations of appreciated stocks, property, and other large items, please list the recipient as The Village Gathering. Many thanks and richest blessings, as my colleague Rev. Catherine Ponder would say!