Healing Your Relationship With Money

By Paula Langguth Ryan

Healing Your Relationship With Money begins with Seven Commitments which I first wrote about in my newsletter, The Art of Abundance. Each commitment is outlined in the articles that follow. I encourage you to read this entire section through at least once, before clicking on the individual Commitments. I hope that these Commitments bring up many questions for your own life. Feel free to call me at 970-590-3732 or write to me at PaulaRyan@ artofabundance.com with any questions you may have.

Peace and prosperity,

Paula Langguth Ryan

Healing Your Relationship With Money:  An Adventure In Creating The Life You Desire
By Paula Langguth Ryan

My friend Carol Jordan, who has a few more years of wisdom than I, once wrote me a note responding to something profound that I’d said to her. In the letter, she asked me: “Who’s the teacher and who’s the student?”

This week, I’ve felt much more like a student of prosperity principles than a teacher of them as one financial challenge after another rose up to greet me like an old friend.

It was challenging to stay focused on the good in my life when everything around me appeared to be falling apart. I’d like to say that I was calm and serene throughout it all. But I most certainly wasn’t. Anxiety welled up in me and tears came to my eyes as I pondered what I needed to “do” to “fix” the situation. I ranted, I raged, I cried, I sputtered, and I opened my mouth and asked for help.

Then I took a deep breath and stepped back to assess the wreckage. What was still salvageable? And what was all this financial chaos supposed to teach me about my relationship with money? I discovered two lessons in the events of this week.

The first lesson was a reminder of how grateful I am for the love and support of the people in my life. Their generous gifts helped me resolve the immediate financial crises. Another reminder of my abundance came in the form of an e-mail I received from the Chicken Soup For The Soul daily message (cs-text-weekday-subscribe@Daily Inbox.com) the same day the financial crises first hit.

Fred Lloyd Cochran was standing outside the Chicago Art Institute, next to one of the grand stone lions that guard its entrance, when a gaggle of geese flew overhead. He paused to watch, as did a nearby bag lady. After the geese passed by, Fred and the women made eye contact and the bag lady smiled, then turned to walk away, talking to herself as she went. Fred was amazed when the bag lady let out a sigh of contentment and said “God spoils me.”

That simple phrase, “God spoils me,” resonated with me deeply and carried me through a few tough days. I saw the treacherous ice storm as a wondrous winter painting and I could see how God spoils me, indeed, with a 30 minute spectacular crystal view. The next evening, working at a client’s, I turned and breathlessly beheld the most fabulous sunset.

God spoils me. God spoils you. Prosperity teacher Catherine Ponder is always reminding us that we are children of a rich and loving God. And what better way for us to be treated by our Divine parents than to be spoiled with abundance?

Yet we often get so caught up in the form we want our abundance to take that we don’t see the true riches that are laid out before us.

All the events that unfolded this week carried untold gifts. Among these gifts were friends who tithed of their time, talents, treasures, thoughts and prayers.

How did I open myself up to receive these gifts? I started by identifying exactly how much money I needed, and when I needed it by. This set the ball in motion. Within 24 hours, one financial challenge had been dealt with even as two more rolled in. Forty-eight hours later, the remaining financial challenges had been resolved and I had been blessed with the reminder that my intuition was on course, that asking for what I needed, or not asking for what I needed (depending on the person I was interacting with), fed my spirit.

I followed my intuition where it led me, making phone calls that I was guided to make, putting my request out into the Universe, identifying what I was willing to give up in order to be open to receive what I needed. And the Universe responded.

Likewise, I followed my intuition when it told me to hold back discussing the financial challenges with those whose energy would not contribute to my financial healing, doing so with love and compassion for myself and for the other person. The Universe responded again, revealing new areas that needed healing and opening my mind to the possibility that there was yet another book inside me, waiting to be borne.

The second lesson I learned was that I too still have areas where I have to heal my relationship with money. As a result, I made seven commitments about money that I’m willing to honor. These seven commitments germinated a seed of an idea for my next book, until it was in full flower. This new book is tentatively titled Healing Your Relationship With Money: An Adventure in Creating the Life You Desire.

I share these seven commitments with you today to offer you  insight into how you can overcome your own money worries and fears and make the commitments that will help release you from your limiting beliefs so you can heal your relationship with money.

Now, let’s get started on our adventure:

COMMITMENTS ONE AND TWO: I am committed to healing my relationship with money and I am committed to clearing up anything in the way of my ability to do so.

COMMITMENT THREE: I am committed to my own complete development as a financially independent individual.

COMMITMENT FOUR: In my relationship to money, I’m committed to revealing myself, to not concealing myself.

COMMITMENT FIVE: I am committed to the full financial empowerment of people around me.

COMMITMENT SIX: I am committed to acting out of the awareness that I am 100% responsible for, and the source of, the current state of my finances.

: I am committed to having a good time in my relationship with money.

Through these seven commitments, we can all develop a more healthy relationship with money. We can all develop a relationship where money is used for good, to better ourselves, each other, our communities and our planet as a whole.

I encourage you to join me in the unfolding of this new way of relating to money. Where are you in your healing process with money? Is there any particular commitment that made you pause? Any commitment that caused you to cringe? Or one that you willingly jumped to embrace?

Take a moment right now to review the commitments again and make a few notes to yourself and, if you like, drop me a line to tell me what you’ve learned about yourself, or what questions came up for you as you reviewed the commitments. The best pathway to healing is one that combines the energy of many!


Paula Langguth Ryan is a contemporary prosperity advisor, author and motivational speaker. She is devoted to helping people release their limiting beliefs — so they may achieve personal prosperity and abundance in all areas of their lives. If this booklet fed your soul, tithes and offerings are gratefully accepted to support the continuation of this work: Paula Langguth Ryan, 1121 Annapolis Road, Suite 120, Odenton, MD 21113.