No credit? No problem! (sound familiar?)

You can still: *  rent a car  *  book an airline ticket  *  reserve a hotel room

And you can do it easily and effortlessly – even without a credit card! I’ve got a free gift for you that walks you through – step by step – how to travel without credit, easily and effortlessly!

how to travel without credit

Most people will tell you that traveling without credit is darn near impossible.

The truth is, something much different. If you know how to do it right, traveling without credit – and without a credit card – gets easier and easier every day.

You are not alone if you’re recovering from bankruptcy, completely maxed out on your credit cards or have sworn off credit cards for good. In fact, so many people now don’t have access to credit cards that the travel industry is shifting to accommodate debit and cash travelers in huge numbers. Especially those who have to travel for business!

That’s why I’m offering my jam-packed special report, How to Travel Without Credit, absolutely free. This 8-page tightly written report offers detailed information and guidance on how to book your flight, your hotel room and your rental car, without a credit card.

Download your free copy today – simply enter your name, your email address and your state and you’ll be directed to our secure shopping cart. NOT TO WORRY  – there is no charge for this report. The shopping cart just makes it easy for us to deliver the report to you electronically!

Print out the report, fold the pages to make the little booklet and keep it with your important travel papers so you can refer to it again and again! Bon Voyage!

How to Travel Without Credit
(excerpted from Bounce Back From Bankruptcy, 4th edition)

how to travel without creditfree gift
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