The Giving Thanks Tithing Mastery Study Course
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By popular demand, a free 10-week Tithing Mastery Program study guide is now available that also accompanies the complementary pre-recorded 10-week MP3 study program.  Various organizations worldwide are using the new Giving Thanks Tithing Mastery Course Study Guide (scroll down the page to get your free copy of the study guide) to begin putting these incredible prosperity principles to work in their lives.

Want to experience more joy, peace and abundance this year, regardless of what the economy is doing? Download the free study guide and do a self-study through the 10 week recordings!

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You Won’t Believe What you Receive
From the Giving Thanks Tithing Mastery Program

By the end of the 10-week Giving Thanks Tithing Mastery Program, you will have easily and effortlessly broken through the self-sabotaging behaviors that have kept you from experiencing the limitless abundance that is your birthright. You will have released fears of tithing and discovered the true nature and power of this incredible prosperity tool. And you will have easily and effortlessly begun to tithe a full 10% (or more!) of all the abundance that comes to you.

Unlike many other tithing success programs, which teach tithing as a “give to get” tool, the Giving Thanks Tithing Mastery Program teaches tithing as a way to say “thank you” for what you’ve already received. This subtle difference can turn you into a lifelong joyful tither. Imagine a life lived with an innate knowing that you are a child of the Universe. Imagine the peace of mind and self-confidence that comes with the assurance that all is well.

Make the commitment to yourself and your Spiritual Source during the graduated Giving Thanks Tithing Mastery Program and you will have the skills and the willingness to:

• Understand the true nature of tithing, both monetary and non-monetary.

• Experience greater freedom and comfort when giving and receiving.

• Innately appreciate the limitless abundance already present in your life.

• Permanently expand your consciousness in ways that help you create the life you truly desire, free from fears and doubts.

Making a commitment to this course involves a willingness to expand your consciousness and your tithing, throughout the 10- session course. You must be willing to go through all 10 sessions (in body or in spirit!) and complete all assignments. The first session you commit to tithe 1% of whatever abundance you receive each week until the next session. The second session, you commit to tithing 2% of all abundance you receive until the next session, and so on, to 10%. Already tithe 10%? You may want to begin at 11% and go to 20%!

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