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This book contains 101 articles written by some of today’s top thought leaders from all over the world, including Muriel Hemingway, Elyse Hope Killoran, Lorel Langemeier, Guy Finley, Joan Sotkin, Deborah Price — and yours truly! My friend, Heather Wilson, a wealth-esteem coach I truly admire put this book together and was nice enough to release it in time for my birthday bash celebration. Download a copy through our secure website (it’s a whopping 170 pages of amazing information by clicking on the book cover. You’ll be automatically subscribed to the monthly Inner Transformation e-zine if you’re not already subscribed (you can unsubscribe at any time). AND be sure to visit my blog page and subscribe to the blog so you get immediately notified when the entire Digital Birthday Basket of goodies and my Birthday Surprise Special are available until October 31!

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chock full of articles written by some of today’s top thought leaders from all over the world, including yours truly!

It’s all been compiled and put together by my friend, Heather Wilson, who also happens to be a wealth-esteem coach. She helps women develop a fun and rewarding relationship with their money, leading to crazy wealth and ultimate happiness.