A client recently asked me for a tool he could use whenever he began to feel like change was threatening something that was going really, really good in his life. It made such a difference to him, I decided to share it with everyone!

Imagine what’s going on right now in your life is like you ordered lobster for dinner. Your mouth is salivating as you tie that plastic bib around your neck and you see the steaming platter coming out from the kitchen. They set it down on the table, and you reach down to pick up the claw and realize something – they brought the lobster out without the drawn butter for you to dip in. The waiter notices the faux pas the same moment you do. Reaching down, he whisks the lobster away.

Our first reaction is to panic. We think that we’re not going to get to keep the lobster, we’re not going to get to enjoy the lobster. Heck, there’s a very good chance we’ve lost the lobster and will never, ever have or see lobster again. But the reality is something different. Something so much better. They have to take away THIS lobster in order to bring you a new fresh hot lobster with the melted butter… an even better version of what is. And realizing that, you sit back, relax, and enjoy what’s going on around you in this moment, secure in the knowledge that the lobster with the drawn butter is on its way to you.

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