People think being committed means you limit your choices. Relationship gurus Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks said: “Commitment is really both a wonderful way to steer your relationship and a great place to come home to.” Of course, our main relationship, the only real relationship that exists, is our relationship between ourselves and that indwelling Spirit within each of us.

How are you steering your relationship with your Higher Self? What are you committed to? Not sure? Ask yourself this question: What are you experiencing in this moment? Whatever you’re experiencing is what you’re committed to. Which means, if you want to experience something different, make a new commitment, a new convenant with your Higher Self. Commit to healing whatever needs to be healed, to having revealed whatever needs to be revealed and to forgiving yourself for ever thinking there was anything you could lose or lack in this world.

My friend Rev. Diane Clevenger, founder of Pray Attention Ministries,  had a mother who taught her that “nothing is ever lost in God’s Kingdom.” She’s committed to that truth. Commit yourself to your truth and make today the day you claim your true worth, your true wisdom, your true strength, and the truth about yourself – that you are Love and only Love – always have been and always will be.

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