guest blog by David F. Cannon, Esq. with an introduction by Paula Langguth Ryan

So many people who contact us about how to get their debt under control are surprised to learn that others in their “tax bracket” or even their neighborhood, are in similar financial straits. Debt doesn’t discriminate. It’s kinda like depression that way. Whenever we are pursing a big goal, we run the risk of having big debt go along with it. Having coached the inaugural Olympic Yngling sailing team that competed at the Athens Olympics, I know personally that the road to gold isn’t always an easy one, as my colleague, Nashville bankruptcy attorney David Cannon wrote recently.

Debt Affects Everyone, Even the Parents of Olympians

Team Atkins sailing to victory and on to the Athens 2004 OlympicsBefore the glowing smile, exceptional athletics and charming personality made Gabby Douglas a household name, her mother, Natalie Hawkins, was struggling to make ends meet. Hawkins, who is separated from Douglas’ father, needed a way to get relief and save her modest Virginia Beach townhouse.

Douglas may not even have known her mother was financially in trouble. Douglas had spent the past two years training for the Olympics in Iowa. Even if she had known, there is little she could have done. Until winning Olympic gold in the team and individual competitions, Douglas did not have the benefit of endorsements to help her mother. Hawkins had to find a way out on her own.

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