Healing Your Relationship With Money

Commitments Two: I am committed to clearing up anything in the way of my ability to heal my relationship with money.

Making the commitment to heal our relationship with money is a great first step. But it is meaningless unless we’re ready to also commit to removing the obstacles that we create in order to avoid honoring that commitment. How do we commit to clearing up the things that stand in the way of having a whole, healthy relationship with money?

A good starting point is to acknowledge what your obstacles are. Then look beyond the obstacles to identify the fear that caused you to create the obstacles. If you owe someone money, for example, the obstacle to honoring your commitment to getting out of debt may be that your clients are slow to pay you. But that’s not the reason you haven’t set up a repayment plan of some sort. You may have unexpressed anger, resentment or envy toward the person you owe money. Or you may be afraid that any repayment plan you suggest will be rejected. Or you may be afraid to look at how much debt you actually have — and setting up a plan to repay the debt would mean acknowledging what you actually owe.

During the next two weeks, take five minutes every day to commit to healing your relationship with money and to identifying and clearing up the obstacles that stand in the way of you achieving this goal. Turn those good intentions into firm commitments and step out in faith, leaving the fear behind.


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