What others are saying about Paula Langguth Ryan’s transformative coaching programs:

“Empowering, transformative, life changing, deeply healing, WOW!”

“This is Full-Contact Coaching. Paula gets in your face (in a loving, kind, compassionate way) to move you past the story your ego loops in your head – so you can tap into the truth of your magnificence.”

“Coaching with Paula will give you a completely different and refreshing perspective on who you are. Lasting positive change WILL be created in your world!”

headshot power shot with grate space aboveWelcome to my world of coaching. I think it’s time for you to feel Powerful. Prosperous. Recognized. Heard. Appreciated. Hopeful. Safe. Healthy. Focused. Peaceful. Confident. Treated fairly. Honored. Satisfied. Secure. Empowered. Debt-Free. Focused. Deserving. Worthy. Happy. What do you think?

In my 20 plus years of helping people become their most magnificent selves, I’ve found that one of three reasons drives your desire to reach out to me.

1. You’re confused and looking for clarity. (Clarity Sessions)

2. You want to be more positive, more loving, more joyful. (Mental Makeover Sessions)

3. You want to create a strategy to achieve something that’s taking you out of your comfort zone. (Strategic Sessions)

I know jumping into a coaching relationship (HECK, ANY relationship) can be stressful. See yourself through my eyes

So.. let’s assume you didn’t drop by because you’ve already seen someone in your life transformed by my work. Maybe you’re from Missouri and have to “see it” for yourself. Here’s what I recommend.  “Kick the tires” by eavesdropping on a 90 minute recording where I talked with people in conflict. and helped them achieve instant results. You can listen in HERE. Consider it a $40 investment in your future. After listening, if you decide you DO want me to mentor you through this transformative process in your life, sign up for a Clarity, Mental Makeover or Strategic Sessions package, and I’ll refund your $40!)


Clarity Session Package (six weeks; one 30 minute one-on-one phone session per week, $997)

Clarity Sessions are perfect for….

When you’re faced with confusion about where or what your next step is, internally or externally so you can make room for the possibilities to come forth.

  • Rid yourself of your B.S. (Back Story)
  • Discover what your attachments and expectations are
  • Hone in on the true essence or feeling of what you want
  • Become fully aware of what you truly want based on what you think you should want/create/have
  • Release your focus on what you don’t want or think you can’t have and train yourself to be fully focused on what you DO want.

Clarity gives you a sense of direction. A sense of direction motivates you to take action.

Without clarity, we flounder, flipping from one thing to another, or we are frozen in place, unable to move forward.

Clarity helps you see your best options, based on what you have and where you are at this moment in time. That fresh perspective will propel you forward!

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Mental Makeover Packages (six weeks; a 30 minute one-on-one phone session per week, $997)

Mental Makeover Sessions are perfect for….

When you’re feeling emotionally stuck and you’re sick and tired of self-sabotaging, procrastinating and blaming yourself and others, so you can become filled with joy, love, passion, energy and peace of mind.

  • Identify where you feel unworthy, powerless, abandoned, lacking, guilty or like the life is being sucked out of you
  • Get to the core root of these beliefs (it’s not the stories you’ve been telling yourself.
  • Discover exactly how to love yourself fully, making it possible to extend love to others as well.
  • Release your focus on judgments, fear, blame, the actions of “those” people, and your B.S. (back story) of the past.
  • Transform your perspective of yourself and others so you can rewrite the future.
  • Feel powerful, worthy, connected, abundant, innocent, vibrant and energized.
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Strategic Packages (six weeks*; a 1 hour phone or in-person session per week, $1799)

Strategic Sessions are perfect for….

When you’re faced with a complicated situation that requires or desires action from you, so you can keep moving forward and prioritize with comfort.

  • Build momentum organically
  • Determine what you truly want to do or create or achieve, and how to move forward in ways that feed your soul.
  • Set up systems that work with ease and grace for you to create what you desire.
  • Increase your comfort level with your own power and build your dream with confidence and joy.
  • Release your focus on what you don’t want or think you can’t have and train yourself to be fully focused on what you DO want.

 * Strategic sessions may be provided on a monthly rather than weekly basis, if requested.

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