My dear sistersoulmate fellow African adventurer, Elizabeth Stamper*, is an amazing poet, writer, healer, breathworker, retreat leader, meditation leader and all around amazing Goddess-woman. She sent the following out during last year’s holiday season and graciously agreed to allow me to share it with you. You may want to visit her website afterward, to pick up a CD, book or to order a gift certificate for a service from her. The perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones (including yourself!):

“I was overcome with a vague but grand sense of limitless possibility for my life … a rush of unadulterated optimism and joy … happy without the slightest tinge of poignancy, or underlying anxiety …. Anything could happen to me, and whatever it might be could only be magnificent.”   ~ Rosanne Cash

Last night my daughter Lizzie, my four-year-old grandson Zay and I were all reciting “Twas the Night Before Christmas” by heart. Lizzie and I would say each line and as we’d come to the end, we would pause and let Zay finish the sentence – which he did with great enthusiasm. I could feel his excitement building as we neared the end of each line and then that energy burst forth as he exclaimed the last word in whole-bodied joy. And the anticipation of expressing that last word was so delicious! Much like the feelings I remember having on the Christmas Eves of my childhood … knowing for certain that wonderfulness was going to happen in the morning and basking in that happy certainty as I fell asleep, “nestled snug in my bed…”

Although it is true that we cannot really know what our future holds for us, (Will I get what I want? Will I get what I asked for?) we can choose to believe that good things will happen – for us, for the ones we love, and for everyone and everything on our planet. Choosing to believe so may even help it be so, and in the moment this choice feels so much better than the alternative. The other day on NPR, the musician Rosanne Cash read a description from her memoir (Composed) of one way to “be with” one’s future. She is not talking about any specific outcome, but instead she takes you to the “feeling place” of a beautiful future:

“I am sitting on a beach, in Jamaica, staring at the sky and letting the tidal pull of my own future wash over me and draw me forward. I am full of my unlived life, and the joy of anticipation for it is taking me apart, cell by cell, and putting me back together in ways that could accommodate a thousand potentials. I am certain to outgrow myself. I can feel it all coming for me, and I am running to meet it in my deepest heart ….”

How lovely to think that what I long for is “coming for me” even as – although I may be sitting perfectly still – I am at the same time “running to meet it in my deepest heart.” And it’s important to note that the “feeling place” that she describes is not just mental or emotional but also cellular. Her body – like Zay’s body, like yours and mine – contains and expresses this energy, and her deepest heart is where present and future merge, because this is where timelessness enters time.

So! We are once again in this season of “long winter” nights, of approaching again a birth story of Hope and Light, of celebrating life with those close to us. My Christmas wish is that we hold a vision for each other of many magnificent tomorrows, even as we cherish and celebrate the giving and receiving, the being and becoming of today. May we see that, yes, anything could happen to us, and trust that whatever it might be could only be magnificent….

Inshallah … May it be so!

*Elizabeth Stamper is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in private practice in Melbourne, Florida. In individual and group sessions, workshops and retreats, Elizabeth uses a holistic approach to healing and growth by facilitating the connection to Spirit and its expression in and through all our aspects: body and mind, heart and soul. She has a Master’s degree in counseling, was trained in rebirthing by Sondra Ray’s Loving Relationships Training, and has studied many psychological and energetic healing modalities. She has been a student of meditation and yoga since 1972, and has worked with A Course in Miracles for 16 years. Also, deeply influenced by the teachings of Abraham, Gestalt phenomenology, Christian and Eastern mysticism, and the work of Eckart Tolle (“The Power of Now”), Elizabeth brings a broad range of experience and knowledge to her work. For her work in helping to create and promote community, Elizabeth was recently given the “Heart of the Community” award by the Brevard Chapter of Concious Living Partnership. At monthly Healing Circles, at spiritual retreats, breathwork and meditation workshops, at Reiki and yoga/dance classes, at talks on the Department of Peace and spiritual activism, Elizabeth loves bringing people together to experience connection: self to Self, self to Other, Innermost Heart to (and within) the limitless Field of Awareness and Love…to learn more Elizabeth’s transformational meditation CD, books and about how Elizabeth’s  work can make a difference in your life, visit