Here’s what you’ll find in:

Bounce Back From Bankruptcy, 4th Edition:
A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Back on Your Financial Feet

By Paula Langguth Ryan
262 pp., paper, ISBN: 978-1-889605-16-6;

INTRODUCTION: Choose to Succeed

Why You Need to Read This Book
Why It’s So Easy to Get Credit After Bankruptcy
A New Life After Bankruptcy
Who Should Read This Book?
What This Book Will Do
What Creditors Don’t Want You to Know
Why I Wrote This Book

CHAPTER 1: The First Step Toward Rebuilding Your Credit After Bankruptcy
Getting Copies of Your Credit Reports

Get Your Free Annual Credit Reports – The Right Way!
Why You Should Avoid Using 3-in-1 Credit Reports

What If You’re Not Eligible for a Free Credit Report?
What Your Credit Report Says About You
Updating Your Discharged Accounts
Common Post-Bankruptcy Credit Report Errors
Bringing Your Credit Reports Up-To-Date

Writing a Credit History Statement
Credit Repair Warning Signs
Finding a Legitimate Credit Repair Company
Waiting For Your Credit Reports

CHAPTER 2: Laying a Foundation For Financial Success
The Root Cause of Your Bankruptcy
Knowledge IS Power
Healing Your Relationship With Money
Removing Obstacles to Honoring Our Commitments
Regaining Control Over Your Money
Stop Looking for Places to Lay Blame
Be Patient With Your Financial Growth
Playing on Life’s Abundant Playground

CHAPTER 3: Getting Rid of Your Remaining Debts
What if a Creditor Tries to Collect a Discharged Debt
What to Do About Bounced Checks
Do You Pay Income Tax on Discharged Debt?
What To Do With Debts That Were Not Discharged
To Reaffirm or Not To Reaffirm?
What to Do if You’ve Already Reaffirmed Other Debts?
When Does It Pay to Reaffirm a Credit Card After Bankruptcy
Falling Behind On Reaffirmed Debt
Paying Off Any Remaining Debt
Putting The Debt-Buster Strategy™ to Work For You
Repaying Your Student Loans
Work With the Natural Ebb and Flow of Money

CHAPTER 4: Breaking the Debt Cycle — For Good!
How To Become a Credit-Savvy Consumer
Ten Tips For Breaking the Debt Cycle — For Good!
Use Affirmations to Release Prosperity in Your Life
Should You Repay Discharged Debts?
Use GoalGetting™ to Change Your Money Thoughts
GoalGetter™ Sheet

CHAPTER 5: Selecting the Best Credit Card After Bankruptcy
Shopping For the Best Secured Credit Card After Bankruptcy
What’s the Best Credit Card For You?
Secured Credit Cards to Avoid
The Only Secured Credit Cards Worth Your Time
Other Secured Cards to Consider
Are Credit Builder Plans Worthwhile?
Make Sure Your Credit Card Helps You Rebuild Your Credit
Finding the Best Secured Credit Card on Your Own
Need a Higher Limit On Your Secured Credit Card?
Are Pre-Paid Credit Cards as Good as Secured Cards?
Can You Get an Unsecured Credit Card After Bankruptcy?
Do-It-Yourself Checklist for Finding a Good Credit Card After Bankruptcy
How Much Credit is Good For You?
Is a Debit Card Right For You?
Three Tips For Keeping Your Credit Card Bills Under Control
Getting a Gasoline Credit Card After Bankruptcy

CHAPTER 6: Buying a Car After Bankruptcy
Need a Car Before Your Credit Report is Completely Cleaned Up or While You’re Still in Chapter 13?
Ready to Finance a Car After Bankruptcy?
How To Find a Decent Car Loan After Bankruptcy
The Best Way to Buy a Car From a Dealer
What If You Already Have a High-Interest Car Loan?
Leasing A Car — Don’t, Unless You Have No Other Choice

CHAPTER 7: Easing Your Job Fears After Bankruptcy
Can You Lose Your Job After Bankruptcy?
Finding a New Job With a Credit Check

CHAPTER 8: Renting the Apartment or House You Want After Bankruptcy
Strategies to Get the Rental You Want
Talking with the Landlord

CHAPTER 9: How To Travel Without Credit
How to Reserve a Hotel Room Without a Credit Card
How to Rent a Car Without a Credit Card
How to Buy Plane Tickets Without a Credit Card

CHAPTER 10: How to Buy a Home After Bankruptcy
Strategies to Help Reduce Your Closing Costs
Where to Get Your Down Payment
Don’t Have Money For a Down Payment?
Thinking Outside the Box to Buy Your Home
What Type of Mortgage Lenders Should You Use?
How to Buy a Home Less Than a Year After Bankruptcy
Refinancing After Bankruptcy
Any Advantages to Interest-Only Mortgages?
Creating a Home Wherever You Are

CHAPTER 11: Making Yourself Identity Theft Proof
Avoiding Identity Theft
Freezing Identity Thieves in Their Tracks
Tips for Avoiding Identity Theft
If You Suspect Identity Theft
How to Stop Identity Theft in Its Tracks
Recovering From Identity Theft

CHAPTER 12: What If You Get In Over Your Head Again?
Short-Term Strategies to Help You Get Back On Track
What to Expect When You Use a Credit Counselor
Selecting a Good Credit or Budget Counselor
Choosing the Best Credit or Budget Counselor For You
Do You Find It Hard to Stop Spending More Than You Make?
Could You Have a Gambling Problem?
How to Keep From Falling Back Into Debt
What If You Fall Behind On Your Mortgage?
What If Your Lender Threatens to Foreclose?
What to Do About Your Credit Cards
What to Do About Other Bills You Have
What If You Have to Declare Bankruptcy Again?

CHAPTER 13: Building Financial Security
Investing Your Money Once You’re Out of Debt
Build Your Investments By Buying What You Know
Prepay Big Loans and Save Thousands In Interest
Ten Strategies to Help You Avoid Money Drains

CHAPTER 14: Keep Up the Good Work!
Four Strategies to Keep You On Track After Bankruptcy
Good Resources to Check Out
A Final Word From the Author

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