Important Info Regarding Setting Up Your Coaching Sessions with Paula

To fully enjoy your coaching session, please visit the following link to select a date and time that works for you from my Appointment Book. You can book a single session, or book several weeks or months in advance if you’re signed up for multiple sessions.

The system will automatically give you the best number to call me on at that particular date and time and we’ll be good to go. Please keep that number handy! (And be sure to scroll down and click CONFIRM at the bottom of the screen to finalize your session date and time.)

Please also cut and paste the following three questions into an email and send it to me at Be sure to answer these 3 questions in as much detail as you can, so we can jump right into whatever it is you want to talk about!

1. What’s new and exciting in your world?

2. What obstacles or challenges are you coming up against that are causing you to feel stress or conflict?

3. Where do you want to create some positive change – where do you want to be, do or experience something different than what you’re experiencing right now?

I look forward to talking with you soon!

Peace and prosperity,
Paula Langguth Ryan

PS I encourage you to start a journal and take a “life inventory” of where you are at right now, in various areas of your life. Each week or month, update the journal and watch yourself blossom and unfold into your true authentic self! It’s also a great place to keep track of your homework and any questions that come up for you to ask in between sessions.