Today is my 47th birthday. Another year, another chance to reflect and plan….or regret and ignore. That IS what we do, isn’t it? We muse on our mortality and dissect our dashed dreams – or we review and celebrate what we’ve accomplished, no matter how small, no matter if where we are now is backwards from where we’ve been at some other point in our lives. We celebrate where we are and we plot out a course for something new and exciting we want to consider creating in our world.

“What would you do if you had no fear?”

That’s actually the name of a book that Diane Conway wrote back in 2004. The subtitle was “Living your dreams while quakin’ in your boots.” Which is kinda awesome at first glance. It runs right along with the “feel the fear and do it anyway” book by Susan Jeffers. I decided when I turned 30 that every year I would face a new fear and do something I’d never done before. That year, I jumped out of an airplane. Seems remarkable enough. What made it more remarkable was that I was afraid of heights after a close call in high school where I was hanging gutters on a veeerrrryyyyy tall church on a veeerrrryyyyy windy day. The problem was, when I jumped out of the airplane, I was sooooo terrified that I didn’t really get to enjoy the experience.

Trying to take action in the face of a fear is great, sometimes. But most of the time our fear is overwhelming, it gets in the way of being present to the experience and opportunities that start appearing when we set a positive intention for ourselves. Which is why I started doing individual coaching for clients who attended my Consciousness Raising Leadership Training program as part of their company or organization. People began asking me to help them use the same fear dissolving techniques one-on-one so they could have as much transformation in their personal lives as they’d been experiencing professionally. And miracles started happening.

People began to verbalize their dreams and their fears and to take action to disarm the fears. And they began to create exactly what they desired in their lives. It was sweet!!!!! Along the way, I got a reputation, though. (Okay, I got several reputations, but I’m only talking about the one related to my coaching, here!) I got the reputation of being a “cut-to-the-chase” coach. If you’re over attached to your story, or want to spend your session listing all the reasons why you CAN’T have the dream you desire, I’m not the coach for you. My job is not to babysit your ego. My job is to help you hold yourself accountable and get real honest about and laugh at the self-sabotaging you do. I’ll interrupt you, challenge you and basically lob back to you every lame excuse you come up with. But I do it with loving-kindness and my brilliant Midwestern smile. Which is probably the only reason my clients come back time and again, whenever they reach a plateau in their lives.

And this is why I’m offering a Birthday Special for the next month. To help you be one of those people who can look back next year and reflect on everything you’ve accomplished with a sense of wonderment and gratitude.

Offer expires at midnight on October 31, 2011!

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How I landed on a Greece rooftop for my 40th birthday

Over the past 17 years, the price of a consultation with me has risen, but I am guided from time to time to offer different specials. One year, I offered Olympic coaching specials where you could get up to 3 sessions with me for $50 each or something like that. It was my way of giving back and celebrating my sailing clients’ achievement of going to the 2004 Athens Olympics (which they graciously brought me to as well!). I celebrated my 40th birthday at a rooftop restaurant in Santorini, Greece, watching the sunset over the caldera, eating amazing freshly caught grilled calamari and drinking really bad Greek wine.

How I wound up celebrating my 40th birthday in Santorini is the reason I’m inviting you to celebrate my 47th birthday with me. You see, I set an intention, back in my early 30’s that I would “celebrate my 40th birthday in an exotic location” and then I didn’t give it another thought. I didn’t attach any meaning to anything going on in my life and I didn’t let any fear get in my way. I simply “showed up, looked pretty and was of service” to people. Just like my great-grandma Eva Elizabeth Frank (whose middle name I got!) told me was my only job in life. I kept saying yes and taking the next step. And the rest is history.

Your dreams can manifest every bit as quickly

I’m not unique, or super-courageous, but I am willing. I’m willing to take each next step and come face to face with the fear and identify it and love on it and release it. And you can do the same. The tools and techniques to manifest what you desire are what I offer to you, as my birthday gift this year. You have an entire month to take me up on this offer. (August 17-September 17, 2011). Whatever your heart is longing to do, be or experience. Speak it aloud right now. State it clearly, assertively. Declare it. Own it as yours.

I am ____________________________________ this year.

Watch the fears that come rushing in to meet your statement. Breathe! Keep breathing! Now imagine you had someone on your team, at your side, who not only believed in you and your ability to achieve this dream but ALSO was able to help you pinpoint and help you remove the fears that threaten to derail you? Who was able to hold the high watch and point out ways to tweak what you’re doing ever so slightly, like the auto-pilot on a plane. Gently steer you back on course when you’re not clear about the next step to take.

Today, I’m giving you a chance to have exactly that. An opportunity to say yes to whatever has been wanting to burst forth in your life. It’s time to overcome and reframe and remove the fears of things you think you might lose or that you think are simply not possible. All you need to do is be willing to eliminate past beliefs that you are or ever have been abandoned, unworthy, undeserving, powerless, guilty and so on – all those energy drainers that get in the way of you achieving your dreams.

From now until midnight at the end of October 31, 2011, you can get as many 30 minute coaching sessions as you want, for $47 each.

  • You can bundle them together for a full hour.
  • You can take advantage of coming to me for an entire day long intensive (7 hours worth)
  • You can use the sessions in six minute increments to get quick insights, dissolve an inner or outer conflict, develop a communication strategy for talking about something that’s bothering you, or accountability and a strategy for the next step and the next fear that rises up to meet you on the road to achieving your dream.
  • You can share them with friends and give them to loved ones as a gift or barter, or whatever your heart desires. (These birthday specials make a great barter – especially since 30 minutes with me would normally cost $250 – now you can get 5 half-hour sessions with me for less than the cost of 1 session! Whoot!)
  • You can use them for phone, in-person or e-mail coaching!

There is one catch though. You have to pay for your sessions between now and October 31, 2011. The offer expires after that date. No exceptions. You can buy your 30 minute sessions one at a time, or you can buy as many as you want at one time. You have until October 31 to decide how many you want. We can start booking your first session right away. (Of course, the sooner you buy your sessions the sooner you get on my calendar!)

What’s stopping you from saying yes?

Before you let a fear stop you from even considering a single session with me, ask your Ego one question: how come you think my dream’s not worth an investment of $47? Then pay attention to the fear that comes up. It’s this first fear that keeps you from taking that first step. What if you were willing to feel the fear and do it anyway? What if you were willing to take that first step toward claiming your true heart’s desires? Take a session for a spin around the block and then take a look at the progress you make! And I guarantee you’ll find yourself chanting the same chant we did in Kenya when the reverse gear went out on the school van, “Forward, Ever! Backwards, Never!”

You can learn more about my coaching process at But don’t buy from that page – be sure to come back to this page for the Special Birthday coaching prices!

Here’s to you achieving your true heart’s desires. I see you having a life of peace, prosperity, security, fulfillment, health, harmony, purpose and love.

Happy birthday, from me to you!


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