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Thanks for making the decision to give your clients a true fresh start after their bankruptcy with the Bounce Back From Bankruptcy consumer flyer. Fill out the form below and instantly download a pdf copy of the flyer for Bounce Back From Bankruptcy. We recommend printing the flyer on white paper, in color, direct from your printer. It’s cheaper than color copies and more effective than making black and white copies. Stick a copy of the flyer in your Bankruptcy Packet you give to your clients. They get instant peace of mind before they even file, knowing you are referring them to resources that will help them get back on track after their bankruptcy. And they know the next right step they can take to get started rebuilding their credit without falling for credit repair scams and other bad choices after bankruptcy. (If you’d like to join our affiliate program, please click HERE and sign up for your affiliate program. Then come back to this page, fill out the form, download the flyer and print it out. You can then handwrite or type your AFFILIATE CODE on the flyer before you hand it out to your clients. Or e-mail us your affiliate code and we’ll do the work for you and send you a personalized flyer with your affiliate code listed right on the order form!)

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