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We are dedicated to helping YOU succeed and grow your consumer bankruptcy practice. With that in mind, we offer free handouts, products and services designed specifically for you as a consumer bankruptcy lawyer and for your consumer bankruptcy law firm. Come discover why consumer bankruptcy trustees nationwide rave about the information offered by the author of Bounce Back From Bankruptcy as being “the best consumer resource available for recovery after bankruptcy”. Everything we offer is designed to help you increase your business and help your clients succeed after bankruptcy, with little to no effort on your part.

NEW: CREATE PASSIVE INCOME FOR YOUR BANKRUPTCY LAW PRACTICE! Ask about our DEBT NEGOTIATION SERVICES ($150-$350 document prep fees/client) for clients who aren’t good candidates for bankruptcy plus our CREDIT RESTORATION SERVICES ($250 document prep fee/client) for those clients who wish to have assistance rebuilding their credit after bankruptcy. Both of these services provide your consumer bankruptcy law firm with passive income. Call 720-539-6098 directly to inquire about how to implement these services at your law firm.

Valuable products and services for bankruptcy lawyers

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Bounce Back From Bankruptcy Book

262-page Bounce Back From
Bankruptcy, 4th Edition

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$9.35/copy for bulk orders.

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Bounce Back From Bankruptcy

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Do's and Dont's of Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy

48-page Do’s and Don’ts of

Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy

as low as
$4.49/copy for bulk orders.

Single copies
starting at $9.95

(includes s/h)


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Bounce Back From Bankruptcy, 4th edition

Do’s and Don’ts of Bouncing Back*

1-9 copies: $19.95/copy 1-249 copies: $9.99/copy
10-19 copies: $14.75/copy 250*-499 copies: $8.99/copy
20-29 copies: $14.55/copy 500-999 copies: $7.99/copy
30-39 copies: $14.42/copy 1000-1999
40-49 copies: $14.38/copy 2000-4999 copies: $5.49/copy
50-99 copies: $13.95/copy 5000-9999 copies: $4.99/copy
100-199 copies: $11.95/copy 10000+ copies $4.49/copy
200+ copies: $9.95/copy *Quantities of 250+ can include your contact information PRE-PRINTED on the cover. Please indicate in the NOTES section up to six lines of copy to be pre-printed when you place your order.


Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney Client Handouts

Bounce Back From Bankruptcy Book Consumer Flyer – NO COST

Share the number one bestselling and most-talked-about consumer bankruptcy recovery book with your clients. Print out our convenient PDF flyer, add your affiliate code to the bottom (if you join our affiliate program) and distribute to your clients. Or, if you prefer, you can buy bulk copies of Bounce Back From Bankruptcy and  hand one to each client when you shake their hand after their creditor’s meeting.

How to Know If It’s  Time to File Bankruptcy Special Report – NO COST

This 10-page report shares common warning signs of when it might be time to file bankruptcy, as well as financial events that might help determine whether or not to file, and situations when it might not be in a client’s best interest to file. Available as a downloadable pdf file, you can put the report cover on your website, join our affiliate program and create a link to our site, or simply tell potential clients how to find the report. If it looks like bankruptcy might be a viable option for the reader, the report recommends they consult a local bankruptcy attorney (THAT WOULD BE YOU!).

How to Travel Without Credit – NO COST

Jam-packed 8-page special report provides your clients with detailed information about how to book airline tickets, rent a car, or reserve a hotel room without a credit card. This free promotional report contains information for all major hotel chains, rental car agencies and airlines, with step by step guidance on how to use each company’s specific credit-less travel policy. Help your clients get a fresh start by printing out and distributing this free booklet. Be sure to stick a label on the back that says “compliments of…” and your law firm name — so their friends and families will know you’re the “go-to” consumer-friendly bankruptcy attorney!


Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney Books

Review Copy of Bounce Back From Bankruptcy – NO COST (delivered electronically)

You can instantly download a complete review copy of the 262-page Fourth Edition of Bounce Back From Bankruptcy. Help your clients get a fresh start AND help build an incredible, positive experience for your clients — which translates into wonderful word of mouth referrals for you! Bulk prices and standing orders are available.


Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney Ronald S. Lieberman: “My congratulation on publishing a most helpful and instructive manual on how one can improve and restore one’s credit standing, even after filing bankruptcy. I found it to be easy reading and recommend it to my bankruptcy clients as well as those I am assisting with credit repair, whether they have filed bankruptcy or not. If they follow your recommended steps early, they may never have to file a bankruptcy petition.”

Consumer Bankruptcy Trustee Herb Beskin: “This book should be required reading for every consumer going through bankruptcy today!”

Review Copy of  Do’s and Don’ts of Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy – NO COST: (Review Copy Delivered Electronically)

This 48-page booklet doubles as a client resource for recovery AND as a marketing tool for you and your firm. The front cover includes space for you to list your contact information. We’ll gladly send you a no obligation electronically review copy so you can see exactly what we’re talking about. (The review copy is yours to keep.) Order 250 copies or more and your contact information can be pre-printed on the cover at no extra charge. Talk about personalized service!

This straightforward booklet is written in clear 7th grade English so all your clients can put the information to use in their lives immediately:

  • How to get and fix their credit reports
  • What to do with undischarged debt
  • How to avoid getting into debt in the future
  • What to do if they do get in over their heads again
  • How to rebuild credit wisely
    1. Selecting unsecured or secured credit cards
    2. Buying a car after bankruptcy
    3. Buying a house after bankruptcy

Your clients deserve to know how to get a true fresh start. And you deserve an opportunity to promote your firm at a reasonable cost. Word of mouth referrals will pour in when people learn that you give your clients solid, positive information on recovering from bankruptcy. Advertise that you give away these free booklets to everyone who selects you as their lawyer, or everyone who comes in for a consultation and you’ll see your firm grow effortlessly. Click Bulk prices for your convenience.

Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney Services

Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney Business Building Tips E-Zine – NO COST

This free, subscription-only e-zine gives you a specialized timely tip every week that you can seamlessly integrate into your consumer bankruptcy practice. Plus we review attorney marketing materials and CopyTamer them so you can see the increased effectiveness between the “before” and “after” versions. Generate more referrals, streamline your productivity, increase your client compliance, and turn yourself into the number one consumer bankruptcy attorney in the area! This e-zine is delivered conveniently to your e-mail box each week. Just enter your information below and click Submit!

Number of Bankruptcies/Yearly
Number of Attorneys in Firm

Consumer Bankruptcy Referral Listing – NO COST

We’re all about consumer advocacy. Which is why every bankruptcy attorney listed on our free referral listing page, Find an Attorney, has either been recommended by a client (or two or three!), or has been personally interviewed by Paula Langguth Ryan to see what their philosophy is toward their clients. There’s no charge for the listing and we don’t accept any fees from any attorneys for this service, ever. If you’d like to be considered for addition to our free attorney referral listing, please click here.

Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney-Sponsored Public Seminars

Our 2-hour Thrive After Bankruptcy event offers you a way to reach hundreds of potential clients in a single evening, plus provide a valuable benefit to your current clients. For a small investment in your practice, you can host an event in your area (you are guaranteed a 50 mile exclusive radius). The number of people you reach is only limited by the size of the room you have available!

Paula Langguth Ryan, author of Bounce Back From Bankruptcy, will come to your area and lead a dynamic discussion and Q&A session with step-by-step practical strategies. With you and Paula at the front of the room, consumers get answers to their most pressing questions about bankruptcy – and reassurances that they can build a solid financial future after their bankruptcy. The event acts as a giant group consultation. Free up hours of your time and generate increased business in two short hours!

Attendees get a free special 48-page report on the Do’s and Don’ts of Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy. All travel expenses are covered in the fee. CM Press provides sample advertising copy and helps promotes the event in local papers and radio stations, which you can supplement with additional advertising. Event is promoted as “attorney X presents…”, providing you with extensive free publicity! Your cost: $2,000. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to book the date; balance due 10 days before the event. Your exclusive territory can be increased for an additional $500 per 50 miles.

To check availability in your area or reserve your date, call Liz at 970-590-3732 or email

Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney Marketing Consultant and Website Support Services

Do you know if your advertisements and website copy are hitting home with potential clients or missing the mark? Our consumer bankruptcy marketing consultants help you target your marketing in ways that maximize your efforts and minimize your costs. We brainstorm marketing ideas with you based on your geographic and economic climate; review, revise or write copy for websites and direct mailings as well as print, radio and television advertisements. We also provide articles for your newsletters and local newspapers. This exclusive service (50 mile radius) gives you a competitive edge in assessing the pros and cons of different marketing approaches before investing thousands into advertising that falls flat. Telephone, email and in-person support are available. $500/hour; monthly retainer of 3 hours available for $1000. Website design, revisions and maintenance packages are also available $65/hour or monthly retainers of 5 hours/month available for $250.

To check availability in your area or arrange a consultation, call Liz at 970-590-3732 or email