Post Bankruptcy
Personalized Strategic Consultation

Are you finding it hard or easy to get motivated to take the steps to rebuild your life after bankruptcy? I know it can be overwhelming, but it really is just a step by step process. One action after another, building on each other.

It’s funny… people always talk about how the best way to write a book is by writing as if you had one particular person in mind. I did that with the first edition of Bounce Back From Bankruptcy. Wrote it with my friend Michele in mind, after she asked me to compile the information I shared with her every time she called and asked “okay, what do I do NEXT?” Every new edition grew from there, as I added information from other people’s questions and situations.

The problem with a book is, it assumes a “one-size fits all” philosophy. And we know that’s not always the case. You will always have some specific situation that’s not already covered in the book. Which is why I keep writing new editions! My friend Trudy once told me she gave her peace away to one of those “one size fits all” steering wheel covers. After wrestling with the cover for an hour, she decided clearly that her steering wheel was the exception to the rule. I know “one size doesn’t fit all” but the step-by-step guidance in Bounce Back From Bankruptcy can really help you transform your life, financially. But what about when you hit a situation that’s not covered in the book? Or what if you want to jump right to the parts that pertain to how your credit can be rebuild after filing bankruptcy? The parts that are specific for your life? Maybe reading a book on financing a car affer bankruptcy, getting a new mortgage after bankruptcy, or a bank credit card after bankruptcy doesn’t appeal to you. Maybe you prefer to talk with someone live and in person to create a strategy for yourself. Then you’re ready for a Post Bankruptcy Strategic Consultation.

You send me a detailed snapshot of your personal financial situation, details on where you’re at emotionally and what you’re hoping to experience instead of what’s going on right now, using my consulting questionnaire. I review everything and then together we talk for 30 minutes and we build your own personal step-by-step strategy. Armed with your own game plan, you can easily and effortlessly move forward to create the financial peace of mind you’ve been working so hard to find.

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Wouldn’t it feel great to eliminate the struggle and the guess work and set down concrete steps for a financially secure life after bankruptcy? For getting the credit you desire? For stopping the endless debt cycle? For achieving the dreams you’ve been afraid to fully dream?

The Post-Bankruptcy Strategic Consultation can help you achieve all that and more. Isn’t it time you freed yourself from the sense of lack and limitation that’s been hounding you?

I want this year to be your best year ever. And that means taking action NOW! Take action now. While it’s on your mind to create a new financial future for yourself this coming year!

Detailed description of what you can expect when you decide to get a personalized post bankruptcy strategic consultation

After you register for your personalized Post-Bankruptcy Strategic Consultation, you will be asked to send us an email with as much detail as you care to share about what’s going on in your life right now, what you’re looking to create, where you’re coming up against obstacles or challenges and what your current financial situation looks like. We’ll then ask you to submit a detailed financial overview of what’s going on in your life, what you own, how much equity you’ve built up in any assets, how your assets are titled, who you owe, how much you owe, what bills you have and whether they are behind, current, have a balance and so forth. We’ll also look at what your short and long-term goals are, (and help you set some if you’re struggling with getting clarity about what you truly want), and we’ll look at what type of credit you’re hoping to get after bankruptcy. We’ll help you determine how soon after bankruptcy can you obtain a mortgage, and can you get loans and credit cards after bankruptcy, given your personal situation. If we have any additional clarifying questions, we’ll often ask them in a a follow-up email before our appointment. We then take that information, and assessing your comfort levels and desires, help you determine a strategy that you can easily implement to build the financial life you desire.

We help you create a spending plan if necessary (I’ve worked with a number of people who have inherited wealth, or sold companies and suddenly had large amounts of money at their disposal), that allow your assets to continue growing rather than being depleted (like the now gone $14 million Nick Martin received 12 years ago from the sale of Martin Media, a company his father founded – My goal is to help you make sound decisions – and if you desire, I can help you locate several financial planners with expertise in your area. This way you can even further create a sound financial plan that suits your family’s desires and needs.

By the end of the 30 minute consultation, you’ll have a workable comfortable strategy for rebuilding your life after bankruptcy. If you decide you’d like to continue working with me, you can purchase chunks of additional time for $500 (60 minutes, billable in 6 minute increments) or $1500 (240 minutes billable in 6 minute increments, which reduces your hourly cost to $375). You can use your time to talk with me about financial issues, mediation issues, or communication skills building (what I call Individual Mediation – figuring out how to work through a conflict that is coming up so that any communication they have with the other party is productive rather than pointed).

Note: Paula Langguth Ryan is not an attorney or a financial planner and NO information she provides should be construed as legal or investment advice, in any form. All suggestions made during your consultation are for informational purposes only.