Get New Credit After Bankruptcy with “Bounce Back From Bankruptcy”

Are you worried you’ll never, ever get a credit card again after bankruptcy? Or are you glad to be rid of credit cards forever — and swear you’ll never touch another piece of credit card plastic as long as you live? Either way… You CAN Bounce Back  From Bankruptcy — Effortlessly! This 262-page book walks you step by step through everything you need to do to raise your credit score, get affordable rates on credit cards, car loans, mortgages and more.

“This is the most important book we’ve seen on
rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy.”

– Ken and Daria Dolan, former CBS This Morning editors and hosts of
THE DOLANS on the WOR Radio Network, heard nationwide.

Your life is not over because you’ve declared bankruptcy! Don’t wait another minute to start rebuilding your credit and regaining control over your finances. Pickup your copy of Bounce Back From Bankruptcy today and discover how you can reclaim your life after bankruptcy.  Read More about Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy

Do’s and Don’ts of Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy

The Do’s and Don’ts of Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy is a simple, straightforward 48-page e-book written in clear 7th grade English. You will easily be able to put the information to use in your life immediately to rebuild your credit, improve your credit score, get back on track financially, and get a fresh start after bankruptcy. You deserve to have a true fresh start after your bankruptcy. This e-book gives it to you. The Do’s and Don’ts of Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy was written by a woman who went bankrupt and was appalled when all she got from her attorney on the courthouse steps was a handshake and “good luck.” This e-book is the perfect easy read to help you get started on reclaiming your positive, prosperous financial future. Read More about the Do’s and Don’ts of Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy

Life After Bankruptcy Monthly Member Support

LAST Wed. of each month; 9pm-10pm EST
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For $9.95 a month (or $99/year), you receive access to a monthly live call, from 9pm-10pm EST the last Wednesday of each month, where I share industry updates of benefit to you after bankruptcy. Ask questions, get clarification and support for your next step toward thriving after bankruptcy and regaining credit after bankruptcy. Meetings are recorded for your convenience! You also get a free e-book version of The Do’s and Don’ts of Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy. Register here for $9.95/month, recurring monthly charge OR $99/year, annual charge.

Post Bankruptcy Personalized Strategic Consultation

After your bankruptcy attorney shakes your hand and wishes you good luck outside your creditor’s meeting, what then? Given your current financial situation, how do you start getting back on track? What’s the best strategy for you to take? This personalized consultation with Consumer Bankruptcy Guru Paula Langguth Ryan will help you develop a strong personalized strategy for recovering from bankruptcy, given your exact circumstances. Consultation includes a coupon good for a free electronic copy of Paula’s best-selling book, Bounce Back From Bankruptcy: A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Back on Your Financial Feet. Read More about the Post-Bankruptcy Personalized Strategic Consultation

Note: Paula Langguth Ryan is not an attorney or a financial planner and NO information she provides should be construed as legal or investment advice, in any form. All suggestions made during your consultation are for informational purposes only.

Break the Debt Cycle — For Good!

Getting out of debt won’t make you prosperous — unless you actively change the way you think and feel about money. Check out the article Ten Tips For Breaking the Debt Cycle — For Good!” and in a live recorded workshop, Paula unveils the most common ways you are keeping yourself indebted to others. She offers proven tools and strategies so you can instantly break these patterns and create the financial security you desire without depriving yourself or your family in the process. You won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to work through your most pressing debt-related fears. Break free from your creditors once and for all! Explore how you unknowingly keep yourself in debt to others. Get out of debt and eliminate your debt problem once and for all with the Break the Debt Cycle — For Good CD/MP3 and workbook! Read More about Break the Debt Cycle — For Good!

How to Travel Without Credit

This handy FREE report is 8 jam-packed pages showing you step by step how to rent cars, book hotel rooms, buy plane tickets and easily and effortlessly travel without a credit card. Read More about How to Travel Without Credit



How to Manifest a Debt Free and Prosperous Life

You CAN Manifest a Debt-Free and Prosperous Life! Overcome the fears that keep you trapped in debt. Discover what’s TRULY keeping you from having the life you desire – and how to overcome those obstacles and become debt-free for good! This live recorded teleseminar offers tips and tools to transform the way you think and feel about money. Read More about How to Manifest a Debt Free and Prosperous Life

Effortless Freedom From Clutter and Debt

Effortless Freedom From Clutter and Debt is truly a monumental book. This is the FIRST book to combine debt reduction, organizing, time management and prosperity principles all in one place. The result is truly astonishing. In 20 minutes or less, you can take control of your clutter and debt. In 20 minutes or less, you will gain an easy and effortless way to create perfect balance in your life. Effortless Freedom From Clutter and Debt contains thirty sections, each corresponding with a day of the month. The magnificent thing about this electronic book is that you can start wherever you are and still get to your destination of being clutter- and debt-free in 20 minutes or less a day. Read More about Effortless Freedom From Clutter and Debt

Heal Your Relationship With Money

Reading this FREE e-book and workbook is the most important step you can take if you’re serious about creating change in your life. All it takes is a willingness to heal, or at least a willingness to see what it is that is calling to be healed in your life around various issues. This e-book offers an adventurous look at one of your primary relationships: your relationship with money. Read the 35-page Heal Your Relationship With Money e-booklet, then re-read it and answer the questions in the 28-page Heal Your Relationship With Money workbook and watch how your beliefs about money are effortlessly transformed. Read More about Heal Your Relationship With Money

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