{Guest Blog} Lao Tzu said “The Journey of 1000 miles begins with one step”. I couldn’t really say how many miles I’ve already come or how many left to go, but I imagine the Journey towards a Greater Spiritual Consciousness is one I’ve been on most of my life and will probably always be on. Even so, there are times in life when it feels like I’m making great progress!

I began tithing on February 1st, and continued to ask “What must I become in order to Manifest God’s Vision for my life”? The practice of tithing has helped me look more honestly at where I really am in my consciousness around money, security, my work, my calling, what I truly want, and more importantly, what’s really under what I want.   The moment I began tithing I had a wonderful manifestation of a new car that is exactly what I wanted, at the price I wanted and was immediately available to me with no down payment and $4000 off, which kept the payments exactly where I wanted them to be. In the days since I began tithing, I’ve had daily insights and resources available to support the things I have felt called to do. I have in fact been able to give 10% of all that I receive to the places where I receive my spiritual food, AND pay my bills. It’s made me look much more deeply at my perceived needs and clarify them from a much higher perspective.

Questions like “What must I release?”, “How must I change – what things do I need to let go of?”, “Am I open to ANY possibilities?” have been reverberating in my awareness. I’ve bumped up against the edge of my willingness at times, and have discovered the places where I’m still not quite willing to allow God’s Infinite possibilities in. Even though I KNOW that God’s Vision is infinitely greater than anything I could imagine, fear still prevents the willingness to allow it to be. At those times, I’m willing to be willing.

I’ve revisited many of my ‘old friends’ like Catherine Ponder, Edwene Gaines, Charles Fillmore, Eric Butterworth, Emma Smiley, and John Randolph Price, to continue my study of tithing. New friends and resources have flooded my experience as well – Paula Langguth Ryan and her materials; Golden Key Ministries; the book Mindfulness and Money, the Buddhist path of Abundance; Notes from the Universe; The Visioning process…and many others. I’ve come to KNOW the importance of asking the right questions. Even the basic question “What must I become in order to Manifest God’s Vision for my life” has many layers of questions underneath it – and I have been asking them, listening more deeply than ever for the answers, AND acting on them.

Sixty-four days later, despite having been a ‘Truth Student’ for much of my life, I can see how very far I’ve come in a short time, AND how VERY far there is yet to go on my journey toward a Greater Spiritual Consciousness! Even though it feels like my journey is just beginning, every step of my life to this point has led me EXACTLY to this place, and it feels VERY exciting, like I’m poised and willing to experience something more wonderful than I’ve ever allowed before!!

At Paula Langguth Ryan’s prompting (from a daily e-mail that she sends), I wrote a list of the abundance that is already in my life. It was quite a long list. Then I answered the question “What is it you really want?”. The next thing she asked was “What is it that’s showing up in your life currently”?; and finally, “Where can you see that they’re actually the same thing in different form?”. TODAY, I feel that I got a rather large answer to the question I’ve been continuously been asking the last 64 days… “What do I need to become in order to manifest God’s Vision for my life”?

Today’s reading from The Book of Awakening, by Mark Nepo ‘happens’ to be “The Gift of Shedding”. He says, “From the beginning, the key to renewal has been the casting off of old skin. The way to stay closest to the pulse of life, the way to stay in the presence of that Divine reality which informs everything, is to be willing to change. To change what has ceased to function within us. To shed whatever we are carrying that is no longer alive. To cast off our dead skin because dead skin can’t feel. Dead skin takes many forms – such as a dead way of thinking, a dead way of seeing, a dead way of relating, a dead way of believing, and a dead way of experiencing. Shedding opens us to self-transformation. Those of us who refuse renewal will, sooner or later, be forced to undergo transformation anyway as a result of being broken or eroded by the world. Very often both occur at the same time, that is, we shed from within while being eroded from without.” I am definitely undergoing a process of shedding , renewal, and transformation!

What I’ve come to KNOW that I want for myself is more spaciousness in my life. I want more time to be, to create, to serve, to share my gifts. I have become clear (even from my narrow, limited vision of possibilities) what that would look and feel like in my life. I can see that this spaciousness would allow me to flow and align myself with life instead of resisting and trying to go upstream. What has been showing up in my life is a lot of busyness and tighter finances, and that it is in fact, the answer to my question. I’ve come to see that I’ve been ‘shedding’ from within in response to my willingness to release old thoughts, beliefs and patterns. Those things I’m shedding are what have manifested in my life as grasping, clutching, gathering things; debt consciousness; faith in the external as my source of my good/security; too much stuff. I want my outer world to be in alignment with the inner shedding I’m doing, and this causes me to look at where I’m currently spending my time and my money, and to clean out the clutter in my home.

There hasn’t been room in my consciousness for a greater vision to manifest in my life.   What I must become, IS the spaciousness that I desire…when I create the spaciousness in my consciousness, and in my outer world, there will be space for God’s vision to manifest in and through me! It’s an exciting and scary idea yet it feels like the quote from Victor Hugo, “All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come”. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me!