I love when I put out into the Universe what I want and it shows up so instantaneously that I would swear God has been waiting for my text message, simply to text back “As you wishhhhhhh!” and then it is done.

One day this summer, in the midst of a big project over Fourth of July weekend, I struggled with wanting to get out and go play, I had been invited to go dancing, yet was torn. I was uninterested in the long drive, and feeling uninspired about being surrounded by a sea of people I didn’t know, on the hopes of finding fun, brave souls who might be interested in dancing.

Then the epiphany hit – I simply didn’t know, or had forgotten, how to play. So I sent out a text, owning this, and putting on my to-do list a commitment to get out and play, even if only by myself, the next week.

A few minutes later, my friend Bill showed up, inviting me to explore a new hike he’d just learned about. So off we went to the National Atmospheric building, where we climbed a winding trail that took us on the other side of the flatirons. We watched rainbows double-dutch across the sky after we were misted with rain, soared with an eagle, caught my breath at a flat rock table mesa, inhaled the pines. We ran pell mell down the mountain, outracing the gloaming, dusk enveloping me like a soft fleece comforter I crushed wild lavender in my hands and infused myself with its sweet soothing balm, bounded with a big buck running alongside me for 20 yards and stood reverently less than 10 feet from the side of a wide-eye doe who stayed present to being with me for a few precious minutes.

Bliss filled every fiber of my being, every cell of my lungs and I awakened to the memory of how to play.

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