The Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan got a rude awakening on-air when a co-star brought up her flailing finances, money mistakes and bankruptcy filing. Sonja’s heartbreak was clear – as was her statement that her finances are her business.

While her creditors might disagree, there is some big truth to what Sonja Morgan said. Her finances ARE her business. AND at the same time, they’re not. Sometimes the shame around a financial choice keeps us from looking at our financial relationship with clear eyes, or keeps us from being honest with others, or keeps us from taking the next right step toward having a healthy relationship with money. That’s when our finances SHOULD be someone else’s business. Usually, that’s when your finances become my business, especially if you’re looking to improve the relationship you have with money or trying to decide whether or not bankruptcy is the best choice for you.

Simply looking at our finances and our money beliefs with a clear eye can seem like a huge step to take. Considering bankruptcy is an even bigger step. So it’s not surprising if you and Sonja Morgan have the same response to whatever is going on in your life right now financially: it’s none of your business. That’s a belief that I tackle head on in Commitment 4 of the free Heal Your Relationship With Money e-book and workbook. Freeing yourself from that belief will help you move forward toward getting yourself out of the financial mess you may be finding yourself in right now.

And if you find yourself in a sticky financial situation where you’re completely stressed out, and you are struggling to figure a way out, someone may suggest bankruptcy as an option. The truth is, bankruptcy may or may not be your best choice. If you’re not sure, then get a copy of my free How to Know if It’s Time to File Bankruptcy? report. You can find both at