The CM Press/Art of Abundance Affiliate Program Sales Tips

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Dear Friend,

We want you to look forward to the middle of every month with eager anticipation. We want you knowing, with absolute certainty, that your mailbox is going to contain a check from us. A BIG check.

To make this a reality, we’re sharing with you the tried and true Sales Tips that will make your CM Press/Prosperity Books & Seminars / Art of Abundance Affiliate Program membership as profitable as possible for you.

After all, we only make money from affiliate sales when we have affiliates who are able to easily and effortlessly promote our products and services. Happy affiliates are the best promoters, so we want to make sure you’re always 100% satisfied with your CM Press/Prosperity Books & Seminars (CM Press)/Art of Abundance Affiliate Program membership. When you make money from the CM Press/Prosperity Books & Seminars (CM Press)/Art of Abundance Affiliate Program, everyone wins.

These Sales Tips contain outstanding samples of the best ways to link to our sites. Everything you need in order to easily and effortlessly draw people to our products and services is contained in this document.

I encourage you — in fact, I urge you, to read through these Sales Tips carefully and pick out the samples that are most appropriate for the types of website visitors or newsletter readers you have. You can then tweak what we have written to customize it and make it perfect for your site or newsletter.

If you would like help creating customized affiliate copy for your website, an email announcement, a flyer or other marketing material, please contact me at LizLosher@ We’ll be glad you help you brainstorm and create affiliate copy that works best for you.

Read on for more great tips!

Peace and prosperity,

Liz Losher, Customer Service


First Thing To Do


First, you must decide how and where you want to incorporate links into your website.

Your site, like many sites, probably has a number of  pages that contain links to other websites. Links from a variety of pages on your website give you a multitude of opportunities to make money with CM Press/Prosperity Books & Seminars (CM Press)/Art of Abundance products and services.

The more people who see your links…the more people who  click through…the more people who order…the bigger the check in your mailbox each month!

So take the time to look over your website and find as many places as possible where you can link to us from your website.

To help you brainstorm where you can place affiliate links on your website, we’ve given you a complete listing of links to our many products click here.

If you are a bankruptcy professional and you would like to include specific pages on your website, please click here for more details.


Text Links


When it comes to purchasing products and services, people want recommendations. Like most people, you are probably always asking trusted friends questions like: “what did you think about this movie?” or “who would you recommend as a good tax preparer?”

In affiliate-land, these recommendations show up as “endorsed” text links. Endorsed text links will make you a lot more money than blatant banner ads.

An endorsed text link means that you highly recommend us. Since your visitors trust your opinion, they are more likely to click through and check us out.

We recommend that you link to us on your main page and any other high-traffic pages because these will give your affiliate membership the most  exposure. Any page where our products and services compliment your text is a great place to put an affiliate link.

Another good place to put affiliate text links is on the  “Thank You” page in your shopping cart so you can make even more money from someone after they are LEAVING your site.

Most people put all their affiliate links on a single page called something like “Helpful Links.” While it’s fine to do this, your affiliate sales will be lower because it gives your visitors too many choices. When people have too many choices, they generally choose the easy choice: nothing. Instead, help your visitors make the right choice for them by providing them with endorsed text links.

WE CAN’T EMPHASIZE THIS NEXT POINT ENOUGH. Make sure your comments and headlines for your endorsed text links match the type of visitor you get. In other words don’t put a link that says “ATTENTION SALES PROFESSIONALS” on your site, if you primarily get consumers interested in rebuilding credit after bankruptcy. Even though some visitors will be bankruptcy professionals, most won’t, and most won’t click through your link and you won’t get many sales.

Or say you get both Sales Professionals AND people interested in credit repair after bankruptcy. You could have links that say “Sales Professionals click here” and “Need Credit Repair? Click here.” This would take the people to a separate page just for them where you would slant your endorsement toward Sales Professionals on one page and folks that are looking to get back on their financial feet on the other page.

Here is some sample text for each:

Sales Professionals who want to work through issues about money that keep them from taking their skills to the next level can’t afford not to know about the best Sales Enhancement Coach I’ve ever found. Click here to check her out.


If you want to get back on your feet financially and restore your credit after bankruptcy you must check out this site. Don’t let yourself get scammed by unscrupulous lenders. Click here to take a look.


If you would like to break the debt cycle for good, and stop your debt from having power over your life, you must check out this bankruptcy alternative. Start having the life you truly desire while you’re becoming debt free. Click here to find out more.

Basically, when you’re creating a text link, you want to make sure you remember to include three elements: 1. The benefits the customer is seeking, 2. what the solution is, and 3. directions to get to the link.


Emphasize what Paula Langguth Ryan’s materials and information have done for you. Any time you can add a phrase of how Paula’s message or a CM Press/Prosperity Books & Seminars (CM Press)/Art of Abundance product or service has helped you personally, include it. A personal recommendation means more referral fees for you!

Your personal recommendation of Paula’s products and services will give you up to 400% more clicks than just a link (that means you could triple or quadruple your referral fees!)

You can create huge profits for yourself using this method. And you’ll feel great knowing you are recommending a product that has fantastic information and is truly worth every penny. It is a WIN-WIN situation for everyone! Personal recommendations can make you a lot of money and you already know your visitors will be very happy with Paula’s message, products and services. They’re that good!

To triple and even quadruple (yes, that’s quadruple) your referral fees almost overnight, just give MORE exposure to Paula’s links with a personal recommendation. Wherever it is is appropriate on your site, have a link or recommendation to one of Paula’s top-notch products.

You could have a link on your main index page border, for example. Here are some examples for different types of people who visit your site:

Samples For Business Owners and Sales Professionals

“If you would like to learn how to overcome the obstacles that keep you from having the level of productivity and profits you desire, we highly recommend Paula Langguth Ryan, the accomplished Contemporary Prosperity Coach behind the innovative Abundance IS Yours! program. Ryan takes you step by step through the maze of self-sabotaging behavior that has held you back in the past. She reveals personalized strategies, tips and techniques that will have your business and sales profit rising meteorically in 30 days or less. Her prosperity coaching isn’t for everyone, though. To find out if it is for YOU, click here.”

(Shorter Versions)

“For strategies on turning your business knowledge and sales skills into increased profits, click here to check out the “coach to the coaches.” Contemporary Prosperity Coach Paula Langguth Ryan will move you past self-sabotaging behavior in 30 days or less. Click here to discover how to harness your true potential today.

Samples for Anyone Seeking a More Balanced Life

“If you would like to learn about a fantastic website that helps you have increased health, wealth, joy, happiness, peace of mind and greater balance in your life, we highly recommend this highly acclaimed prosperity site. Paula Langguth Ryan, an accomplished international contemporary prosperity advisor, speaker, author and coach, reveals all the tips, tricks and techniques that will help you release your limiting belief systems and heal your relationship with money so you can create the life you truly desire. Her website is a great resource.”

(Shorter Version)

“The Art of Abundance teaches you how to release your limiting belief systems, heal your relationship with money and create the life you truly desire. Even if you don’t think you have a problem with money, and just want more balance in your life, click here to check out this great prosperity site. I recommend the site highly. Lots of effective strategies and techniques.”

Sample For Spiritual Leaders, Ministers, Etc.

“If you want to help your members have more prosperous, fulfilling, joyfilled lives, we highly recommend that you click here to discover a new book that shares the truth about the power of tithing. Paula Langguth Ryan, a woman who used tithing to recover from bankruptcy, shares the pre-Biblical history of tithing in her new book, Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing. This book puts all the pieces together so people can fully embrace the true nature of tithing. This book is a must read (and she even gives away a free chapter a month!)”

(Shorter Version)

“Take your congregation to the next level. Click here to check out a powerful, insightful book on tithing that will soon have every member of your congregation tithing regularly. I highly recommend Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing. Lots of incredible, spiritual guidance for helping your members overcome their fears of tithing and open up to give and receive with joy.”

Sample For Life Coaches

“If you want to help your clients reach the next level in their lives, we highly recommend that you click here to visit a great prosperity coaching site. Paula Langguth Ryan, a woman who has trained hundreds of life coaches, reveals all her advanced tips; tricks and techniques that will make you stand far above the crowd in the coaching industry. Her website is a great resource.”

(Shorter Version)

“Take your coaching career to the next level. Click here to check out a great posperity coaching site. I recommend the site highly. Lots of effective strategies and techniques for helping your clients.”

Samples For Meeting Planners or Speakers Bureaus

“If you want to really help your clients increase profits and productivity in their company, we highly recommend that you click here to find your next speaker. Paula Langguth Ryan, a woman who has spoken before thousands of people who are looking to release their limiting beliefs and break through their money myths, reveals all her advanced tips and techniques for cultivating true abundance on a personal and professional level. She’ll make your meeting, conference or special event stand out far above the crowd. Paula Langguth Ryan is a great resource.”

(Shorter Version)

“Rapidly increase your clients’ profits and productivity. Click here to check out a great professional level speaker for empowerment and personal enhancement. I recommend hiring Paula Langguth Ryan for your clients’ events. Lots of great tips and techniques.”

In all the examples above it is the personal recommendation that will alone “triple your sales.” Remember: The longer the recommendation, the more clicks it will receive.


Your newsletter, e-zine, or a customer email/database list can be other powerful tools for promoting Paula’s products and services. This is a way to really make big referral fees.

Consider using any lead lists you have compiled from ads you have run or adding a link / recommendation to us on any autoresponders you may have. You can even use us in your signature line when you post to email discussion lists, forums and newsgroups. If you’re a bankruptcy attorney, for example, this is a great way to get a referral fee for letting your colleagues know about our resources that will help build their practice. (but remember — NO SPAM)

Sample letters for your customer database:

“Thank you for purchasing (insert your product here) recently. We appreciate your business. I am emailing you for two reasons. The first is to thank you for your business and the second is to mention something we thought would interest you …” (at this point put in the appropriate recommendation from above depending on the type of customer you have).

Or, if you have a guest list compiled from a free service you offer on your website, you could say:

“Thank you for visiting our site and using our Free (insert your free service here). I am emailing you for two reasons. The first is to thank you for stopping by and the second is to mention something we thought would be of interest to you …” (again, at this point put in the appropriate recommendation from above depending on the type of visitor you have).

If you have a an electronic newsletter or Electronic Magazine (E-zine), you could say:

“I’m sending you this special edition separately from the regular E-zine because I have found something on the Internet that is worth mentioning and wanted to bring it to your attention. (Then insert a recommendation like the one above).”

This approach will  pull in the best response by far, because it is a personal note separate from the standard newsletter. Personal notes such as these  demand attention and urgency.

If you use autoresponders

An autoresponder automatically sends your message in response to an email sent to it. Send an email to for example, and you will automatically get our “Spiritual Rules of Order” emailed back to you This happens behind the scenes so that Paula doesn’t have to send out all of these emails personally.

This saves tons of time. You might check with the hosting service for your website. Many times they provide FREE autoresponders as part of your hosting fee. Also if you use the extremely advanced, inexpensive shopping system we use you can have an unlimited number of very sophisticated autoresponders ready whenever you need them.

Autoresponders are great for allowing people to get your articles and all kinds of information from you without your direct input. You set it up once and they can access the information anytime.

So how can autoresponders help you sell?

You can put your short recommendations in along with the information that is going out on the autoresponder. Some people get 2 or 300 requests a day for free things like articles, newsletters, tip sheets etc. You can make a fortune, just by sending a personal recommendation and link along with each automatic response. All you have to do is take a minute to add the recommendation and link to your materials and it goes out automatically around the clock day in and day out, year in and year out with no other work on your part. (Don’t you love to make money while you are sleeping?)


If you have occasion to speak in front of groups, many times you can find an appropriate time to mention our site. The most effective way is to tell the audience the benefits to them of visiting Paula’s . . . (becoming debt free, releasing fears about money, learning the truth about tithing, overcoming limiting belief systems, etc.) and then write the link on a flipchart, overhead, or put it in a PowerPoint slide. Give the audience a chance to write it down. Not only is this a “personal recommendation, it was actually done “in person” which makes an even greater impact than emailing it to them. A great way to make the link handy is to give them a link to a downloadable handout you are providing them. That way they can click on our link without retyping it.

Handout materials

To piggyback on tip # 3 above, make sure you put your recommendation and link in your handout materials if you use them (and most of the time you should). This way there is no chance that the link will be copied down incorrectly.

SALES Tip # 4

Print up an inexpensive insert to put in the package whenever you ship a product to one of your customers. This is an extremely effective way to put your personal recommendation in front of people who already are buying from you. It could be part of a “Thank You” note for purchasing. You could say something like:

“Thanks so much for allowing us to be of service to you. Since we always like to give extra value to our customers we recommend you visit a fantastic site we discovered on the Internet that will really help you achieve the next level of success you desire, without any of the unwanted side effects you fear might happen . . . ” (then put an appropriate blurb about Paula’s products or services, and the link.)

You don’t have to use the exact thank you note above, but it’s a good way to lead in to your personal recommendation. And the best part is, this only costs you pennies. The customer has already purchased and probably paid the shipping, so it’s a much better deal than doing a separate mailing that, comparatively, would cost a fortune.


If you have a newsletter or Ezine, trade ads with other newsletter or Ezine publishers, or better yet, trade article space. Many times the classified ads are never even seen by people because they mentally tune them out as they read through a newsletter. Articles, however, get a much higher attention level and they also give you more space to make your recommendation. Don’t get us wrong. If someone wants to trade ads, go for it. You have nothing much to lose, but if you get a chance at article space, take it first.

You might want to write several different articles. Be sure to include good value in your content and do remember to pitch their readers. Have several articles ready to go if you plan on using this idea and let the newsletter publishers pick which one they like.


You can also have a web page on your site that re-prints an interesting interview with Paula. The interview really gets people excited about breaking the debt cycle for good and releasing their limiting belief systems. Paula talks about how she got started, the mistakes she made and how you can avoid them, and the freedom that is within your grasp when you open up to release old beliefs and make room for new, expanded ones .

NOTE: If you decide to use the interviews, make sure you still have other recommendations and banners at appropriate places on your site. The interview page should be an “addition” to your promotions for the link to Paula’s products NOT a replacement for the current links you have.




We are very serious about this.

We know you wouldn’t intentionally send out spam. Sometimes, though, not everyone understands what spam is or isn’t. So we’re including this section to make sure that everyone is clear about spam and its consequences.

Spam is affiliates sending unsolicited commercial email or posting to “inappropriate” newsgroups. This type of advertising and recommendations is not allowed.

It is against your affiliate agreement to advertise our web site via unsolicited email. DO NOT send unsolicited email to promote us, or you will be in violation of your affiliate agreement and your account will be terminated, forfeiting all outstanding referral fees. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.

As you’ve seen above, there are some wonderful, PROPER WAYS to promote Paula’s products and services over the internet.

Please recommend Paula’s website, and her products and services  in your autoresponders, in a personal email to your clientele base, your lead lists, people that contact you and you stay in touch with, a newsletter list, at your website, even in appropriate email discussion lists, etc. These are not considered spam.


General Information


If you need additional information regarding your affiliate program, please email our customer service department mailto:customerservice@

Our mailing address if you need it is:

Art Of Abundance

CM Press/Prosperity Books & Seminars

1121 Annapolis Road, Suite 120

Odenton, MD 21113


The ideas for linking to our websites are tried and true suggestions on what has worked best at other sites. You are free to use our ideas and links in any way you deem appropriate to the layout of your site.

If you have any questions on how to best incorporate the links or need help writing the copy to include for your text link, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We will personally look at your site and make recommendations so you get the most referral fees possible. The more money you make, the more money we make. So it is in our best interest to help you as much as we can.

Implementing the tips on this page could make you a fortune in referral fees. We are always here to help you. We thank you for being a part of our affiliate program and look forward to a long, mutually profitable relationship with you.

Peace and prosperity,

Liz Losher, Customer Service

On behalf of Paula Langguth Ryan, Contemporary Prosperity Advisor