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Results came in mere hours!

“I just received a phone call from a franchisee who has previously said he could not buy my franchise. He had been thinking about it during this weekend and decided it was too good a deal to pass up. We are to close on 3/12. The balance to me will pay off $14,000 of debt from the business. I feel so free.” — Gloria H., in Tennessee


I was left speechless!

“The only thing that came to mind was WOW! Such a wonderful and positive flow. Thank you so much for helping me start to reframe my thoughts toward prosperity. Now the habits need to be formed to ensure success.”  — Michael A., North Carolina

Became a homeowner within a month!!



“I never thought I could own a home with all my student loan debt. One month later, I found myself signing a contract to buy my very first home — and was even unexpectedly gifted money to cover my closing costs!”

Have you discovered the power of intentions? The WAY you set your intention could mean the difference between ho-hum results that bring you “sort of” what you wanted and super results that bring you EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted — with NO negative consequences or sacrifices


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Whatever you want CAN be yours, right here, right now as thousands who have experienced Paula’s message have discovered.


Business is a roaring flood!

“Business is not just flowing, it’s a roaring flood right now!” — Anne H., Tennessee


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In this 75-minute studio recording, Paula shares specific strategies for supercharging your intentions, helping you design your OWN super-charged intention for something you want to be, do or have in the next 30 days. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that it’s something you desire — and that you’re willing to let go of your fears of not having it the way you want it!

You’re invited to discover, as these people have, how to:


  • enjoy increased financial stability and security
  • revitalize (or manifest) greater profits in your career
  • create more loving relationships
  • effortlessly draw to you the clients or new business or new job of your dreams
  • boost your energy and health
  • …and create anything else you desire in your life.


The job of my dreams came to me effortlessly!!




“I set the intention to find my right and perfect job and it came to me — completely effortlessly. This job has EVERYTHING I ever wanted in a job!” — Linda D., Maryland


Located exactly what I wanted, almost instantly!


“I set an intention to find a wooden box, cheaply, of a certain type, as I don’t like using plastic or metal boxes for electronics projects. I was sort of stunned to find the perfect box, that very day, in a store about 80 yards from where I work.” — Michael P., Connecticut

Order the downloadable audio for $22.25
(you get it instantly and save S/H)

Order a CD for $22.25 + S/H



Here’s what you’ll find in:
How To Create Supercharged Intentions that Effortlessly Manifest

By Paula Langguth Ryan
minutes; CD/MP3 studio recording



  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Two Roadblocks to Creating Supercharged Intentions

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  • Chapter 2: How to Stay Focused on What You Desire
  • Chapter 3: Seven Secrets to Creating What You Desire In Your Life
  • Chapter 4: Creating More Powerful Intentions For Your Life
  • Chapter 5: Getting Clear About What You Want
  • Chapter 6: Measuring Your Progress Every Day
  • Chapter 7: The Unfolding of Divine Timing
  • Chapter 8: An Abundance of Intentions For Your Life
  • Chapter 9: Honoring Your Everyday Choices
  • Chapter 10: Creating Positive Assumptions in Your Life



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Order the downloadable audio for $22.25
(you get it instantly and save S/H)

Order a CD for $22.25 + S/H



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