“Thrive — Don’t  just Survive!” 
21 Days to a More Abundant Life

Your Guided Tour to Increased Health, Wealth, Peace, Joy, Time, Energy, Love, Clarity & Wisdom
21 days to abundance CD and workbook

If you could choose between being prosperous or being impoverished, IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE, which would you choose?

Consciously, you probably said “prosperous!” But our subconscious minds are constantly sending messages out that reinforce our beliefs in lack and limitation.

It’s time for you to break free of those beliefs! Start building the life you really want. Discover the building blocks you need to start thriving and learn how to use those tools in your everyday life, throughout your current daily routine. Discover what it truly takes to KNOW with CERTAINTY that YOU HAVE ENOUGH, ARE ENOUGH AND DO ENOUGH.

Abundance is about money — and so much more…

Paula Langguth Ryan’s 140-minute 2-CD/MP3 and workbook 21 Days to a More Abundant Life will help you easily and effortlessly:

  • Reprogram the “money messages” you learned as a child.
  • Break free from the debt cycle that is holding you back from your true potential.
  • Create your own subconscious messages of abundance.
  • Uncover your true wants and desires and make them materialize effortlessly.
  • Increase your income, peace of mind, wisdom, opportunities and health by creating an environment that draws greater good to you.
  • Shift your inner voice from messages of lack to messages of abundance.
  • Open yourself up to unconditionally receive all the gifts others have for you.

This 2-CD/MP3 is guaranteed to raise your prosperity consciousness to new heights.

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